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Maria Lucey

Centre Manager / Nutritionist

Higher Health Wellness Centre is also a proud donator of Kick Start for Kids. Kick Start for Kids is a not for profit charity that helps dis-advantaged school children in South Australia. They provide breakfast and lunch programmes and a mentoring programme. Kick Start for Kids make a difference in an under privileged school child's life tomorrow. 

Illustrated Rosemary

"If we don't take care of our bodies where are we going to live?"


All things that lead to a better gut health and wellness. Higher Health was founded by Maria Lucey, a nutritionist from the Adelaide Hills. A mother of three Maria is passionate about her families wellbeing, specialising in women's health, gut health, weight loss and hormonal balance. Maria has been working in the health industry for over 15 years, now a qualified functional medicine nutritionist and integrative nutrition health coach she is passionate about providing all clients with the individualised support and tools they need to succeed. 


At Higher Health Wellness Centre, our mission is to help people improve their health and the health of their family and friends through nutrition, education, self-empowerment, exercise and wellbeing. Teaching people how to get back in the driver's seat. 

We do this by providing wellness services via one-on-one nutrition consults, testing and supplements, e-books, private coaching, health seminars and cooking classes, beauty services such as sauna and massage, targeted programs in areas such as gut health and hormone balance, continued guided support and so much more.


Why Higher Health? It is our mission to spread the important message of nutrition and gut health in today's modern world. We must heal our bodies from the inside out and remove toxins from our lives. We pride ourselves on our clients feeling supported during and after our services. We have a range of educational tools and coaching opportunities available to you on your health journey. This is your journey, and we want to see you thrive as you discover the world of higher health. 



Why work with Maria Lucey?

Maria’s favourite subject is nutrition and when you speak with her, you can see her passion and expertise around this topic shine. Always obsessed with food, Maria found that she was just in love with the wrong foods. This lead her to her old illnesses of chronic tiredness and depression. From her personal experience, she is now able to help people revive their diet.

Maria thoroughly enjoys the education process of teaching people what she has learned over the years, including all the things she has put into practice with herself and her family. She has never met anyone who applied even simple diet recommendations to not notice a difference in their health. 

Due to her experience with her son Drew being born at 25 weeks and having all his large intestine removed and an ileostomy bag, Maria now understands and believes Gut Health to be the key to lasting Health. For more information, you can visit her Good Guts website, for more about Drew's story and gut health.

In summary, the only way to achieve gut health is through your DIET. You need to really understand what foods the body heals on and what foods it doesn’t, there is a lot of confusion out there, Maria is here to clear up this confusion and help you feel better every single day. 


In addition to all of the above, Maria specialises in the following:


  • Pre-Pregnancy Detox Programs

  • Healthy Pregnancy

  • Children’s and Family Health

  • Holistic Beauty Programs

  • Detox and Weight Loss Programs

  • Hormonal Health (for women and men) 


Thank you for stopping by today and always remember…


The groundwork for all happiness is health. X


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