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Instantly surrender to this indulgent 90-minute massage treatment and a 1-Hour facial  which starts with a magnesium and essential oil foot massage to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit and ends with a hand massage with our indulgent hand and body lotion. Relax into a nurturing and deeply relaxing facial treatment that redefines the day and the complexion. Experience 3 of our signature upgrades in 1 treatment.

1. Our champaign bubbles mask, Effervescent oxygen, and rare botanicals renew your skin’s youthful radiance.
2. Our antioxidant with vitamin c treatment.
3.Our cell proof serum which is clinically proven to  visibly tighten, tone and firm skin, instantly

Our expert Beauty Therapists will apply a double mask application to purify and replenish the skin and a nurturing face and décolletage massage with anti-aging benefits.


Ending the treatment with our stunning collagen moisturizer to boost moisture and radiance. Experience a true pamper and feel the tension melt away.


SIGNATURE TREATMENT | 2-Hour Radiance Package

AU$297.00 Regular Price
AU$239.00Sale Price
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