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Falling in love with the life you have already have:

I’ve been thinking a lot about lifestyle lately. It is said that most people who are miserable, it is because they’re trying to live a life that doesn’t belong to them and in explaining that, no one can be truly healthy or fulfilled if their head and their heart exist as two separate forces within them. What we really want is to be in love with the life we have.

When you define your life by what you want versus what you have, you create confusion and misery. This insight has stayed with me because while I know intellectually that I have everything I need, sometimes I forget it, don’t feel it, don’t truly experience it. This confusion and misery becomes a recipe for disaster: to chase a life that doesn’t belong to you.

Like everyone, life gets busy, cramming everything in, day in day out and I also am guilty of neglecting the parts of myself and my life that are most important to me. This is where I become aware and change.

I have to keep boundaries on the time my work requires. I have to put self-care, healing, and family before work. Realizing that helped me to scale back and learn to say “no” where necessary, but it’s also brought me something profound: I’m in love with the life I have. I experience, at least most of the time, what I already possess: a loving family, wonderful friends, a good brain and passion for health, and an original thought.

Something for us all to think about 💗

Yours in health, Maria X

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