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6 steps to rebuild your gut health - step 2

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Your second step in your gut health re-building program is to "Repair the mucosal lining'.

There are many important steps and nutrients to get this happening, many foods you should avoid, and many you should add to achieve a healthy gut lining.

I will be sharing all you the info you will need over the course of this 6 step gut healing email series, for now you can simply get started on two of my favorite gut healers the Modere Bovine Colostrum and Aloe.

Please and fill out the gut health questionnaire and let's get serious about the fact that you can heal your gut.

For most people changing their diet is not that easy don't worry I was one of them as I was too tired and stressed to start with big diet changes I started with the probiotics, bovine colostrum, and aloe our multi and antioxidants and EFA's.

I quickly started to feel better, which encouraged me to do more to help myself through my diet. The first step we talked about in gut health last week was increasing our good bacteria with probiotics so I hope you have gotten started and continue on with this stage as the good bacteria also play a large part in healing the mucosal lining.

Look out for food lists and recipes specific for gut healing coming soon.

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