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Horror Hay Fever or Symptom-Free?

What will our long, wet winter mean for your hay fever this season? Not only has Adelaide recently been coined Australia's hay fever capital we are also expecting hay fever to be the worst it has been in years due to winter rain causing increased grass growth, which means more pollen. With the right nutritional program and the fantastic Modere Nutritional support, you could avoid the symptoms and sail through hay fever this year. Common Respiratory conditions can be improved dramatically by focusing on improving the Immune system through Gut health and Herbal nutrition support. Improving your Immune is a long journey and it can take years to put everything in place to build your Gut health and Immune health enough so you stop falling victim to your hay fever symptoms. As a Nutritionist, I have seen people on a simple health regime just keep getting better and better every season so I wanted to share with you some of the top tips that I use on my clients which may help you or a loved one as well. Relief of Hay fever suggestions- 1. Probiotic (Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium)- Interesting fact- Probiotics during the first year of life or after antibiotics reduces the risk of developing asthma and allergic rhinitis. 2. Respiratory Health- The herbs in this product are designed to provide relief from coughing and hay fever, sinus congestion, catarrh, and influenza. 3. Immune Health- The herbs in Immune health assist with restoring and maintaining a strong Immune. 4. Krill - Essential Fatty Acids. Nutritional recommendations - Super Hydration and a diet low in sodium, also low in omega 6 fatty acids and trans fatty acids (fried and fast food) but high in Omega 3 fatty acids - i.e deep sea fish, activated almonds, walnuts, pumpkin and flaxseeds, cod liver oil. If you are not eating enough of these foods you can take Modere EFA supplement either the Krill or the Hair, skin, and nails but you must ensure you are getting enough of your good fats for a healthy Immune. Also have plenty of onions, fruits, and vegetables. Eat and cook with lots of garlic and horseradish and ginger. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Drink 2 cups of fenugreek tea a day. To Start - Eliminate: 1. Dairy products - yes even yogurt. Dairy is very high mucus and causes inflammation. 2. All Gluten and Wheat products- Gluten cause inflammation in the body and damages the gut. 3. Reduce sugar - sugar causes our immune to shut down for several hours leaving us at risk of catching things and also leaving us unprotected from allergens in our environment. 4. Toxins in your food - Numbers, colors and preservatives in your food - check out Peter Taubert's book "Your Health and food additives" he has a section on food additives to avoid for Asthma and Allergies, I say avoid them all. There are no safe chemical food additives and Nature Identical is still a chemical. 5. Avoid exposure to all personal care and home care chemicals. 6. Breathe Essential Oils I only use Modere in my home and have done for 13 years. I usually start my Asthma clients on our Modere laundry powder straight away. If you think about it, your wearing your clothes all day and sleeping on your sheet all night, these highly fragrant laundry powders are a real problem for everyone on the planet and are also hormone disruptive but stopping this constant chemical exposure is key for people with allergies. Look at making the swap and converting your home to Modere as you know it's safe and non-toxic. Reduce and or removing carpeting and feather bedding will improve symptoms of dust mites. To kill mites wash clothing in water above 58 degrees C. By improving your immune system you are increasing your body's ability to deal with the common antigens that worsen hay fever symptoms like house dust, dust mites, animal hair, insecticides, fungus, molds, feathers, grass pollens etc. I have a Complete Gut Health program which you may like to add depending on the severity of your symptoms but this is a very good start please contact me if you would like more support. Yours in health, Maria Lucey, Nutritionist and Health coach 0438 112 050

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