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Healing Acne
Say Goodbye to Stubborn Acne and Scarring


With the help of Higher Health's effective acne and breakout treatments, you can halt breakouts in their tracks.

Are you prepared to present your best self? By focusing on what we refer to as "rogue sebaceous glands" under the skin, our acne treatments eliminate zits, outbreaks, and other skin issues. Our unique therapies, which were created by doctors and are results-driven, are the answer to your acne problems.

The bottom line is that excess oil production is always the root cause of acne outbreaks, despite the fact that other factors also play a role. One reason why some people experience acne more severely than others is because some people's skin produces more oil than others.

Blackheads, skin plugs, lesions, and pustules are the results of particular sebaceous glands producing more oil than they should, which causes acne.

But aid is close at hand. Our skilled therapists will collaborate with you to employ a variety of drug-free skin care procedures ideal for even sensitive skin to neutralize the oil glands that cause acne. Without the use of retinoids, antibiotics, or over-the-counter oral therapies, we can effectively break the acne cycle.

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Tips & Advices

  • Avoid squeezing acne lesions because doing so can get them infected and make them worse.

  • Avoid using greasy skincare products, which could contribute to oil gland blockage. Your skin may get too dry from using toners, which will force you to use more moisturizers than you should. In general, search for skincare products that are "oil-free" and "non-comedogenic" (meaning less likely to clog pores).

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals because they could cause your skin more irritation and inflammation.

  • Blackheads are simply oxidized sebum and do not contain any debris, thus they do not require intense scrubbing.

  • Consult us for advice.

We have therapists available to you, so you are not alone. Today, schedule your free consultation.

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