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Meet Our Practitioners

Maria Lucey

Managing Owner 
Nutritionist, Functional Medicine, Digestive Disorders, Hormone Health, Cancer , Fertility

Higher Health was founded by Maria Lucey, a nutritionist from the Adelaide Hills.

A mother of three Maria's interest in health started from her passion for her family's well-being, specializing in helping people heal naturally, Women's health, Digestive health, weight loss, and hormonal balance. Read More

Services Offered:

  • Nutrition Consult & Testing

  • Good Guts - Gut Health Education

  • Many More!


Maria Lucey - 0438112050

Sarah Horgan

Qualified Massage and Beauty Therapist

Sarah's mission is to help tired, stressed and busy mum’s restore their inner gut health, regain energy and lose those extra kilos.

Reclaim that MAMA MOJO so you can feel great and thrive in motherhood.

Services Offered:

  • Facials

  • Massage Therapy

  • Nutrition Consults

Sarah Horgan - 0413 746 914

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