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The Classic Nourishing & Nurture

For those who enjoy effective targeted treatments for your skin type. our Classic Organic Facial caters for all skin types and will make your skin Glow!

Our Classic Facial will be tailored to your unique skin to have a focus on:

Classic Organic Facial Nourish and Nurture - 60 Minute - A treatment to return lost moisture to the skin, with key ingredients to reduce redness, replenish moisture and recover luminosity.

60 minutes - $ 120

Specialised Organic Facials

This treatment does so much - it is balancing, calming and detoxifying the skin and adds Electrolytes and hydration back into the skin.

Designed for compromised skin with an impaired acid mantel.

It aims to calm and rebalance unhealthy skin, moisture will be restored to help smooth away fine lines and leave the skin visibly brighter and firmer.

60 minutes - $ 135

Age Vita- Renewal With Jade

Super antioxidants- feeding and re-energizing and Brightening, This treatment is designed for aging skin, and uneven skin with pigmentation, it will help with Hormonal pigmentation, designed to repair damage, unify skin color and enhance your radiance, promotes cell renewal and skin elasticity, preventing premature aging.

It includes our beautiful Jade roller Therapy which increases blood circulation, assists lymphatic drainage and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and helps products penetrate more deeply into the skin.

60 minutes - $ 135

Radiate and Renew with Rose GUA SHA Therapy

Specialised Organic Facial Treatment Radiate and Renew -90 minutes $185 - This is a Wholistic wellness treatment that includes ROSE GUA SHA THERAPY.

It is a favorite. This facial lifts and tones the skin, increasing blood circulation, and really targeting problems, lines, and wrinkles.

Whether as an individual treatment, or a series of treatments, you will see an instant & long term benefit to your skin WITH THIS WELLBEING TREATMENT

90 minutes - $ 185

Specialized Facial Treatment - AHA Refining Facial

This facial is the ultimate refreshing, invigorating, and replenishing treatment for smooth, soft, absolutely glowing skin!

Our all-natural Deluxe AHA facial incorporates an AHA rejuvenate peel – Blending AHA’s with enzymes, this bio-active peel is designed to refine and rejuvenate the skin.

This is followed by a hydrating and moisture-locking treatment which will replenish thirsty skin, to illuminate the complexion and combat dehydration.

Our highly effective, certified organic & vegan products will leave your skin fresh, soft and glowing.

45 minutes - $ 85

Re-Energising Eye Treatment

This re- energising eye treatment will restore vitality, plump lines, help eliminate puffiness and leave the eye smooth and bright

30 minutes - $ 65

Bio - Hydra Moisture Infusion

Pure Hydration with Hyaluronic acid helps restore lost moisture and clarity to the skin - this is definitely your pre- party facial

60 minutes - $ 140

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