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  • Hormone Wise - A Nutritionist Perspective
    Mar 19, 2022, 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM GMT+10:30
    Higher Health Wellness Centre, 64 London Rd, Mile End SA 5031, Australia
    Natural solutions for Healthy Hormones... did you know there is a hormone that tells your body to store fat? Do you know how to deal with estrogen dominance? At this event you will discover how you can naturally feel great every day ...eat, nourish and cleanse your way to Healthy Hormonal Balance.
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Hormone Wise
A Nutritionist Perspective

Hormone Wise - A Nutritionist Perspective, is all about natural solutions to hormone balance, utilizing the power of food, correct nutritional supplementation, liver, gut health, and detoxification.

This event is a cooking experience designed so you can learn to  "Eat your way to Healthy Hormones,"  in this 4-hour feast.  Maria Lucey will demonstrate how to cook and prepare the foods you need to eat to have a powerful positive impact on your health through hormone balance.

This class will help clear and nurture your mind, body and soul and help you with strategies and techniques so you can feel balanced every. single. day! Come discover natural pathways to balanced hormones through experiential learning; a combination of information and cooking. 

The secrets behind hormone imbalance that will surprise you. 

Top foods for hormone healing.

How to Eat Your Way to Healthy Hormones
( e-book included with recipes)

How 'healthy food' could be keeping you out of balance. 

Why it matters to use natural pathways to balance. 

Learn the importance of breathing, meditation and relaxation
(demonstration and exercises included). 


The Hormone Wise experiential learning event will leave you happier, energised, nourished and balanced.
Please do not eat before this event.. as there will be plenty of food provided. Remember: men have hormones too.. this event is suitable for all genders. 

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A regular sold out event, Good Guts is Maria Lucey's recommended event for all those looking to grow their knowledge and transform their and their families health. Improve digestion within two hours.
The Good Guts healing event will leave you happy, flat, vibrant and full of energy. 


Good Guts is all about boosting wellness and feeling nourished every. single. day! 

Come learn and experience the nutritionists perspective on how to thrive with a healthy gut.

Top foods for gut healing.


The secrets behind a healthy gut that will surprise you.

How healthy food could be keeping you sick. 

Why it matters to optimise digestion for health.

LIVE cooking demo with Gut Healing Soup and Detox Green Smoothie.

A healthy outside starts from the inside... you can optimise your digestive health by attending this event and learning all about nourishing the gut.