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Apple & Date cinnamon balls

Makes 14-16...

Ingredients (organic if possible)
1 ½ cups pitted dates
50g raw almonds
1 cup dried apple
1 Tbs. chia seeds
1 Tbs. coconut oil
1 Tbs. cinnamon
¼ cup Unsweetened desiccated coconut

1.Blend all ingredients, except the desiccated coconut, into a food processor until well-combined.
2.Scoop 1 Tbs. of mixture into your hands and roll into a compact ball.
3.Roll the ball in the desiccated coconut and set aside.
4.Repeat until all mixture is used and 14-16 balls are shaped.
5.Leave to set in the fridge for 1 hour before serving.

Enjoy! X

Apple & Date cinnamon balls
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