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Cabbage Noodle Veggie Mix

free range cooked chicken or turkey, chopped (optional)
cabbage, cut into thin slices
asparagus or green beans
leeks, cut into thing rings
organic olive oil
pink salt & pepper to taste

In small cast iron pan, add a bit of water, cover and let it simmer while chopping the cabbage. Add the cabbage, then re-cover the pan while chopping the leeks & asparagus. Add those and more water if necessary, give it a stir, re-cover and chop the kale. Add the kale, stir, add more water if necessary. At this point, let it simmer, covered and continue to mix and add water until the cabbage is limp and the the asparagus (or green beans) is cooked. Finally, add the zucchini, cover it for only a minute or two, then give it one last stir. Transfer into a bowl, drizzle with organic olive oil and sprinkle generously with course Himalayan Pink Salt and freshly ground pepper. If you don't love it, add more salt (pink salt is unrefined and contains important minerals, unlike white, refined table salt).

If you want a vegetarian meal, use cooked Quinoa in place of the chicken/turkey. Enjoy! X

Cabbage Noodle Veggie Mix
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