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The Natural healing organic apple lemonade

Just juice
3 green organic apples
1 whole organic lemon

1. peel lemon but leave all the pith because this tart, white flesh on the inside of the peel has the the highest concentration of bioflavonoids and nutrients like pectin fibre which helps keep you regular, controls hunger and lowers cholesterol, the pith also has 80 percent of the vitamin C which is responsible for creating collagen and helps create beautiful skin as well as antioxidants that are protective against heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

2. Green apples have amazing health benefits as well yippee - healthy fibre again keeping you regular, decreases chance of colon cancer, lowers cholesterol , ease digestion due to the enzymes present in them, green apples reduce liver problems and support healthy digestion,
Reduce indigestion, can prevent diarrhea as well as constipation and helps gout, full of antioxidants which prevents all types of cancers and DNA damage, and support appetite control and energy - green apples are energy givers

That's it - it's so easy and yummy
This juice is amazingly refreshing and very healthy for you and your kids

I put mine in a fancy glass and it's my virgin margarita without the salt, enjoy.

The Natural healing organic apple lemonade
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