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Get your $10 Modere Credit Today!

If you haven’t set up your Mōdere customer account yet.

Attention: Please advise Maria if she is not the person that introduced you to the Mōdere products. She will help you Contact the right person it may be one of her colleagues or affiliates or someone else you need to contact. If Maria is your first contact with these product please proceed with the directions and promo code listed.

If you do not have an account follow this steps to set up.

1. Click the Menu (Upper Left Corner of the Website)

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2. Click Open Account

3. Fill Up The Form


4. After you have completed the form please check "The you were referred box says Maria Lucey", then just tick the 2 boxes and you are all set to order


If you do not see my name on the
highlighted box just enter my code: 5t1c5r

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