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Weightloss and Gut Health Reset is an 8-week complete health transformation.


Learn how to lose weight naturally 


Our complete program includes 1 to 1 coaching and Nutritionist support at our wellness Centre in Mile end, S.A.


The Bottom Line...Poor gut health is sabotaging your health and your ability to lose weight and feel great.


Do not be fooled just because you may not have specific gut health symptoms like gas, bloating, reflux or IBS. 


If you are not at your ideal weight and are struggling to lose weight or if you are having a health concern of any kind, you can be sure there is an imbalance in your gut driving the problem.

Something as simple as constipation will stop health and weight loss in its tracks. 


Our gut health and gut bacteria affect how we digest our food, how fat is stored and whether we feel hungry or full.


Make the gut health/weight loss connection which is ...


Healthy gut = Healthy weight


Changing our health is easier if we change our environment because at home we often find it difficult to do what we need to do.


Do you have a place to go to heal?


A Place to go to learn, relax, and just focus on you?


At Higher Health Wellness Centre you are surrounded by health and wellness.


You have a place to go to be looked after and spend time with people who get you and want to support you to achieve your life/health & weight loss goals.


You will receive amazing value and you will get results


 What you learn in 8 weeks you will use in life forever


This comprehensive program includes so will learn so much about yourself.


  • Specific testing - $500
  • Targeted supplement protocol -  $600
  • Complete meal plans and recipes provided  - $197
  • 4 face to face consults - $596.
  • Ongoing Support via Consults, Phone, Email, and Text Support - Priceless
  • Multiple ebooks you need to succeed - $90
  • 2x’s per week a total of 16 far Infrared saunas burning approximately 600 calories per session - $280 (The act of sweating burns calories, this beautiful treatment is not to be taken lightly in its ability to kick start weight loss and health and healing) 
  • 2 - 1 hr full-body massages or 2 relaxing, anti-ageing facials $180 (Massage is so important as we must calm our adrenals in order to feel good, be healthy and lose weight)
  • Bonus classes - Minimum $100 value


Total value $2,543


Our introductory offer is amazing value, we have put together a health program that will get you the results you are after...




Targeted supplements



Bonuses - include group sessions - we will be supporting you in areas of Breathing, Mindfulness, Meditation and Nutrition


A few surprise classes will be on offer at the Centre   

You will be able to pick and choose what you would like to attend. 

The classes will include Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and a few surprises


You will be working with an array of different health experts including Nutritionists, Health coaches that specialise in weight loss, Massage therapists, Counsellors,  Yoga and Pilates instructors and more


Let Higher Heath Wellness Centre be your home away from home for Health and wellness 


The Weightloss/Gut Health Reset must be booked and paid for by Monday, February 8th

to receive this amazing offer of only $1497

 a savings of $1046

You can use this program to 


  • Lose weight
  • Improve your energy
  • Improve how you think, eat and drink
  • Recover and heal from disease and sickness like diabetes
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Balance your hormones
  • Get your spark back and thrive
  • Heal Your digestive issues
  • Improve your skin
  • Become younger
  • Feel better
  • Live longer


Have you tried getting healthy on your own and you are frustrated with your results?

Do you need help managing a health condition like diabetes?

Are you feeling rundown and exhausted?

Wouldn’t it be best to do a complete rehaul?


Join our expert team At Higher Health Wellness Centre we can help you get healthy, feel better and lose weight naturally


The program starts Monday, February 8th

You can be flexible when you start by a day or two but you must have paid by then.

There will be group classes 

Get the support and guidance you need

Don't wait to lose weight and feel great

Book now and pay only $1497


This program is for local Adelaide people as it includes your physical presence at the wellness centre. If you are interested in our program and live afar that is not a problem we have a modified program in place for you.  Contact us for more info.


The Weightloss/Gut Health Reset - 8 week program- starts Monday, Feb 8th

AU$2,543.00 Regular Price
AU$1,497.00Sale Price
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