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Gut Health Smoothie


1 litre of water 1 avocado
2 kale leaves
1 carrot
1 lime or lemon with pith 2 cabbage leaves
2 apple
1/2 cucumber
6 mint leaves

Gut Health Nutrients

Use 1 or all of these nutrients below in your smoothie:

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

30 mls Aloe Vera Ginger / Garlic
1 scoop Green Qi


Add water, chopped spinach, chopped lettuce, green apple etc to blender.

Start blending on low, gradually move to a higher speed.

Ingredients such as avocado, lemon, and other softer foods do not need to be blended as much, so add last.

Add water until desired consistency

Gut Health Smoothie
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