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Its A Meal Green Smoothie

Its A Meal Green Smoothie

1 x Avocado

1 x Large handful of Baby Spinach

1 x Big Handful of Green Leafy Veggie (could include Endives, Kale, Celery, Lettuces, Watercress, Silverbeet)

1/2 x Cucumber

1 x Small handful of Parsley

1 x Tablespoon of Flaxseed Oil or Olive Oil (extra vigrin - cold pressed)

1 x Teaspoon of Chia Seeds

1 x Whole Lemon - include peel (organic or home grown)

Pinch of Himalayan Salt

1/2 x Teaspoon of Cinnamon

2 x Cups of Water

Blend thoroughly and drink straight away! Enjoy!

Gut Health Smoothie

Gut Health Smoothie


1 litre of water 1 avocado
2 kale leaves
1 carrot
1 lime or lemon with pith 2 cabbage leaves
2 apple
1/2 cucumber
6 mint leaves

Gut Health Nutrients

Use 1 or all of these nutrients below in your smoothie:

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon

30 mls Aloe Vera Ginger / Garlic
1 scoop Green Qi


Add water, chopped spinach, chopped lettuce, green apple etc to blender.

Start blending on low, gradually move to a higher speed.

Ingredients such as avocado, lemon, and other softer foods do not need to be blended as much, so add last.

Add water until desired consistency

Ginger, Mint & Green Apple Smoothie

Ginger, Mint & Green Apple Smoothie

...totally delicious!!

Serves 1

1 small green apple, quartered
1 cup baby spinach or kale
½ cucumber, roughly chopped
1 tablespoon mint leaves
A scoop of avocado
1-inch piece of ginger root peeled
1 cup coconut water or coconut milk
1⁄4 cup raw cashews
lots of ice

Blend it all up until smooth and creamy and pour into a glass and sip your smoothie slowly. Enjoy! X

Free Ebook available - From Maria Lucey- Nutritionist

"Your guide to green smoothies for Gut Health "

Go to

The Natural healing organic apple lemonade

The Natural healing organic apple lemonade

Just juice
3 green organic apples
1 whole organic lemon

1. peel lemon but leave all the pith because this tart, white flesh on the inside of the peel has the the highest concentration of bioflavonoids and nutrients like pectin fibre which helps keep you regular, controls hunger and lowers cholesterol, the pith also has 80 percent of the vitamin C which is responsible for creating collagen and helps create beautiful skin as well as antioxidants that are protective against heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

2. Green apples have amazing health benefits as well yippee - healthy fibre again keeping you regular, decreases chance of colon cancer, lowers cholesterol , ease digestion due to the enzymes present in them, green apples reduce liver problems and support healthy digestion,
Reduce indigestion, can prevent diarrhea as well as constipation and helps gout, full of antioxidants which prevents all types of cancers and DNA damage, and support appetite control and energy - green apples are energy givers

That's it - it's so easy and yummy
This juice is amazingly refreshing and very healthy for you and your kids

I put mine in a fancy glass and it's my virgin margarita without the salt, enjoy.

Green Kale Juice

Green Kale Juice

I kick started my day with this yummy kale juice this morning. It is so refreshing! Perfect anytime of the day and all the ingredients are in season during this lovely Winter. Enjoy! X

9 leaves kale
1 whole peeled lemon
1 large pear or apple (quartered)
1 whole Lebanese cucumber

Simply juice all ingredients into a glass.

Yours in health,
Maria Lucey, Nutritionist and Health coach
0438 112 050

Berry Smoothie

Berry Smoothie

High in nutrition, low in fuss – this healthy smoothie recipe will get your day started in the right way

Racing out the door and think you have no time for breakfast? The problem with that concept? To be honest, I don’t believe it. Often the truth is we don’t make the time, usually because we feel so slow & tired in the mornings that we just want that extra 10 minutes sleep – which means no tim...e to make a nutrient rich breakfast.

So, we either have nothing for breakfast or perhaps grab something at the local café. Often this later option can be higher in sugar & carbs (and usually gut & brain irritating gluten) and lower in good fibre, vitamins and mineral needed for lowering body and brain inflammation & supporting a good and healthy gut micro-biome (my pet passion!). So the cycle is at risk of continuing – we don’t eat well and then we don’t feel well enough to motivate ourselves to make nutrient dense brain anti-inflammatory foods – so we stay feeling unwell.

For this recipe, you’ll need a blender, portable hand blender or a vitamix…or similar contraption to blend successfully. My philosophy with food and liquids is that ideally we should “eat our liquids” and “drink our solids”. In other words when it comes to making a breakfast smoothie – take your time and chew it. Digestion starts in the mouth, not in the stomach.

This recipe is also great for an afternoon snack for kids when they get home from school or halve the ingredients and use this smoothie as a “half meal” or snack, if you need the energy to keep you going before your proper meal time.

Ingredients (organic if possible):

Quantity for 1 person

1 cup filtered water (or coconut water for additional hydration)
Small palm full of fresh or frozen berries (ideally choose mixed organic frozen for less pesticides)
½ or small banana (optional)
Big handful of baby spinach leaves
2 desertspoons LSA powder (Linseed Sunflower Almond meal)
1/2- 1 teaspoon Chia seeds
Anti-inflammatory oil/fat of your choice (flax seed oil 1 desert spoon, coconut oil 1-2 t, olive oil 1 desert spoon, 1 x organic egg yolk, no white)
Add raw cacao powder (1 teaspoon), Maca powder (1 teaspoon) and greens powder (such as Green Qi) for extra boost of nutrition

Aim not to drink (eat) whilst too icy cold in temperature. Room temp is best on digestion.

Benefits at a glance:

Anti-inflammatory (oils, cacao, all plant ingredients)
Keeps your bowel regular (LSA, Lin-seeds, chia seeds, all plant ingredients, anti-inflammatory oils)
Keeps you full and satisfied (Collagen fibre, all plant ingredients, chia seeds, LSA, Lin-seeds, oils)
Balancing of blood sugar levels (oils, protein, plant ingredients, fibre)
Good for leaky gut repair (contains no gluten or dairy so does not irritate lining of gut, collagen fibre is repairing on digestive system lining)
Contains pre-biotic fibres for a healthy gut micro-biome – essential for good mental health, immunity and general health (all plant nutrient fibre, nuts, seeds etc)
Adrenal tonic (Maca)
Hydrating (coconut water as a base)

Enjoy! X

Yours in health,
Maria Lucey, Nutritionist

Refreshing green smoothie!

Refreshing green smoothie!


1 cup frozen pineapple chunks
1 cup spinach
½ chopped cucumber
3/4 cup coconut water
Leaves of 2 kale stalks
Handful mint leaves
2 cups of water

Mix all the ingredients in a blender. Enjoy and keep cool my friends! X

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