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17 Foods You Should Always Buy Organic

Pesticides don’t just damage and kill weeds and unwanted bugs; they can harm pets and people, children in particular. Here is just a handful of health issues that could arise from exposure to household insecticides and pesticides in food or any other form of exposure:

• neurological problems

• autoimmune diseases

• depression

• fertility problems

• birth defects

• cancer and leukaemia

The use of pesticides is especially problematic when looking at the use on farms around the world. Farmers, especially those growing with pesticide-resistant genetically modified crops, spray millions of pounds of pesticides on produce each year, and the consumer inhales it through eating.

As mentioned, pesticide exposure can cause numerous complications, and has even been linked to lower intelligence levels and decreased cognitive function. Parental use of pesticides could also lead to an increased risk of brain cancer in children. Remember that prevention is the best repellant. Keep food covered and stowed away, clean frequently, and seal cracks in walls and pipes. And avoidance is key when looking at pesticides in food. Your best bet is to buy organic when you can, and when you can’t, remember this photo - the top 17 list of produce you should always buy organic. Unfortunately this produce is the highest in organophosphates insecticides and is highly toxic. For produce not on this list but still not organic, you can spritz and gently scrub them with a water and vinegar mixture to remove impurities.

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