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Top 10 Reasons to Detox

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Hi Everyone, Whether you're a pro or a beginner... detoxing is for everyone. Below are 10 reasons you want to jump on the detox train and join me in experiencing the benefits. An essential each year to remove unwanted toxins from the body and gain access to a range of benefits that will leave you saying YES to detox. I myself opt to do this about 4 times a year and I'd love you to join me. Never detoxed before? Contact me to find out if detoxing is right for you, as it is not for everyone. You can always start off slow by clicking my 'DETOX' link: Here you can find more information. So let's get stuck into it... here are my Top 10 reasons to jump on my detox now!

  1. Remove Toxins From the Body - built up, stored toxins are one of the major causes of tiredness.

  2. Disease Prevention - cancer rates are skyrocketing to an estimate of a 50% chance of getting cancer if you live to be 70! - stored toxins are a major cause of cancer.

  3. Enhance your Immune System - do you get sick a lot? Your body is trying to get rid of stored chemicals and leaving the job of protecting you from colds and flues for another day. This leaves you constantly sniffling or catching something that is going around.

  4. Lose weight - they are called obesogens - growing evidence points to environmental pollutants as a cause that alters the body's metabolism causing weight gain. Toxins are also known to be stored in fat cells.

  5. Slow Down the Ageing Process - When you detox with me, you take antioxidants which protect your body from free radical damage and in turn slows down the ageing process. Without detox, there are sooooo many toxins, a system full of heavy metals, obesogens, xeno estrogens... the list goes on that will seriously weigh you down and speed up that ageing process.

  6. Improve Quality of Life - our bodies do not function very well when loaded up with today's toxins. Symptoms of toxicity can be things like joint pain, digestive problems, depression, headaches, poor sleep, low energy and more! By doing this detox these symptoms may be improved!

  7. Improve Energy - you just feel better, your body has less work to do and gives a big sigh of relief after a well deserved cleanse.

  8. Improve Skin Quality - toxins are enemies to our skin, detoxing can improve your nutrient absorption and in turn this can strengthen your hair, skins and nails, give you clear eyes and lovely healthy, glowing skin.

  9. Fix Our Hormones - toxins can block the receptor cites to our own natural hormones as many of todays chemicals mimic oestrogen in the body, not what you want - detoxing helps excrete these bad guys and brings balance back to the body

  10. Mental Health - if we are overloaded with toxins we are asking too much of the body and we may experience mental strain as a result. This has a huge effect on our happiness, emotions and mental clarity. Toxins can make us feel stressed, agitated and even very sad.

Join me to restore the balance to your body's system and give yourself a tune up. You take your car to get serviced a few times a year so it runs efficiently and doesn't break down - so doesn't it make sense to do the same for your most important vehicle (your body)! I look forward to seeing more of you join the amazing experience of detoxing with me in 2020. I'll provide lots of support, information, recipes and more. To register your interest or find out more about our detox, please click on the following link:

Yours In Health, Maria Lucey x

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