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We want to help you tip the scales in your favor - Lose weight and gain energy - yes you can

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Does a healthy sustainable life weight seem out of reach?

Does weight gain impact your self- esteem?

Here at Higher Health Wellness Centre we give due thought and consideration to this dilemma. We have some essential keys to share that are designed to help you gain mastery over weight loss and maintaining a sustainable healthy weight for life...

We want to help you tip the scales in your favor

Mastery overweight loss without misery has got to be a big plus and at Higher Health Wellness Centre we have workable solutions we'd love to share with you ... because it is possible to lose weight and gain energy without starving yourself or having a yoyo dieting lifestyle

Excess kilos have life and health changing consequences ... the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare talks about the risk factors saying that ...

"Overweight and obesity refers to excess body weight. Excess weight, especially obesity, is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, psychological issues, some musculoskeletal conditions and some cancers. As the level of excess weight increases, so does the risk of developing these conditions. In addition, being overweight can hamper the ability to control or manage chronic disorders. People who are overweight or obese also have higher rates of death."

If weight gain is getting you down and you would rather lose weight than live with the inevitable health consequences

We Can Help

Without the required daily nutrients the human body is unable to maintain and repair properly, it also causes hormone disruption and muscle loss. So that, rather than burning fat or setting the scene for sustainable weight management the body struggles to maintain good health. As well as weight loss and homeostasis, a healthy intake of nutrients is needed to keep us working, repairing, and functioning properly. All living organisms, from plants & animals as well as people, must regulate their internal environment to process energy, as well as to survive and thrive.

Because losing and then maintaining weight loss takes time as well as patience, there are no quick fixes or tricks we can play to generate sustainable weight loss, at Higher Health Wellness Centre our programs are designed with your long term success and health benefits in mind.

.. Lose weight and gain energy - yes you can ...

For the most part we know that healthy eating and physical activity are important for a healthy gratifying life. And, as weight management is the balance between energy in ... what we eat and drink ... and energy out ... what is being used by the body to meet our daily life requirements - it is important to find the balance that is right and works for each of us individually

If there is an excess caloric intake - even a small amount over a long period - it will cause weight gain

While children and adolescents need enough nutritious food to grow and develop normally, adults must keep physically active and eat nutritious foods to help maintain muscle strength and repair, a vital part of all of life's cycles, yet it is vital for a healthy ageing process.

We expend energy in 3 ways

Basal metabolism, which is simply put - the energy used to maintain vital body processes

The thermic processes of the body which is the energy used by the body in the process of digesting and absorbing food

Through physical activity

Physical activity is the most variable component of energy expenditure, and the main component most people have control over. For a normally active person, physical activity contributes about 20% to daily energy expenditure.

While nutrition plays a big part in weight loss ... physical activity is also a must ... so it is easier when we find fun ways to be fit ...

When we do activities that are enjoyed there is a better chance of sticking with them

Sometimes ... I like to dance in the kitchen

How about using the Far Infrared Sauna as a part of your

"Self-Care Solutions"

Consider using the Far Infrared Sauna at Higher Health Wellness Centre 64 London Road - Mile End - South Australia

... with the added benefit of knowing that while you're in there relaxing ...

Your body is getting quality support to be as healthy as possible - including the additional benefits of passive exercise and weight loss

One Action, So Many Benefits

Other Self-Care Solutions available @ Higher Health Wellness Centre - 64 London Rd, Mile End


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