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Adrenal Fatigue and Nutrition (Part 2)

The overall nutrition recommendations are similar regardless of the stage of adrenal dysfunction. Regardless of the type of adrenal dysfunction, the nutrition plan should address the general healing of the adrenals.A general rule in good nutrition is to focus on REAL food. Limit or avoid packaged, processed and non-organic foods. Additives, preservatives, GMOs, food dyes/colourings, hormones, pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics increase the toxic load to the liver and cause added stress to the body.

Starches and sugars should be limited in order to regulate glucose metabolism. Sugar is an adrenal stressor and can further weaken adrenal function. The inclusion of starches and sugar in the diet will further exacerbate a negative hormone response causing taxation on the thyroid, metabolism, and immune system. Non-starchy vegetables, specifically those in the cruciferous family, due to their detoxifying ability, should be consumed three times as much as fruits and ideally be included at each meal.

Protein, an integral macronutrient for healing, should be included at every meal to help with stabilizing blood sugar and improving immune function. Aim for organic proteins to limit hormones, antibiotics and inflammatory fats that are often found in non-organic meats.

Healthy fats are essential for metabolism and the functioning of most systems in the body. Choose healthy, natural fats and avoid processed fats.Basic supplementation for optimal health includes a good quality multi-vitamin, omega-3 fish oils and probiotics. Additional vitamin C is recommended for its beneficial antioxidant properties in the presence of stress.

Food sensitivities are often common with those diagnosed adrenal fatigue. Two of the most common sensitivities are gluten and dairy. Trying an elimination diet for a period of time of both gluten and dairy can provide symptom relief for many.Adrenal fatigue can also cause lower aldosterone levels.

Aldosterone is a hormone released by the adrenals that is responsible for maintaining sodium balance. Simply stated, adrenal fatigue can cause lower sodium levels in the blood and thus one of the reasons cravings of salt are elevated. Adding Himalayan or Celtic sea salt to food/beverages helps clients with salt cravings and sodium balance. Adding Himalayan or Celtic salt post workouts is extremely beneficial to restore electrolyte balance.

At Higher Health we can have a look at your daily diet and suggest some very practical and simple changes to improve your nutrition intake and therefore improve your health and quality of life. Contact Maria Lucey on 0438 112 050 to book a nutrition consult today.

To be continued….Stayed tuned for Part 3: Adrenal Fatigue and Exercise

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