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Adrenal Fatigue and Exercise (Part 3)

Cortisol response is a protective mechanism of the body both during injury and to prevent injury. The normal and protective stress response during exercise is an increased release of cortisol, however this fails to occur with adrenal fatigue thus increasing injury risk. Additionally the stress of exercise can further exacerbate an already compromised immune system, thus increasing the risk of illness.

While many may not want to read this, the type of exercise as well as the duration and intensity during adrenal fatigue can cause injury and further damage. Here are guidelines for those with adrenal fatigue. For more case specific recommendations, I suggest working with a certified personal trainer who has experience with adrenal dysfunction. Listen to your body, if you do not have the energy to start an exercise routine focus on nutrition and lifestyle until your adrenals start to heal. The length of your hiatus from exercise is case dependent.Recovery based activity such as light walking, gentle yoga, pilates and stretching is extremely important as they help to heal the adrenals and restore adrenal output.For those who do have the energy for exercise, limit cardio to less than 30 minutes (as cortisol should peak around 40 minutes) and no more than two times per week. As you progress in the healing process, interval training can be introduced.Resistance training should be light to start with minimal weight and increased rest times between sets. As you begin to heal, higher weights with lower repetitions can be introduced to help “wake up” the adrenals.

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To be continued….Stayed tuned for Part 4: Adrenal Fatigue and Lifestyle

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