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Adrenal Fatigue and Lifestyle (Part 4)

In order to decrease the impact stress has on our health, we first need to become aware of the common stressors. There are many ways stress can be categorized, but the important thing is to recognize how stress impacts the different areas of our life. Decreasing the stressors that led to adrenal fatigue, however, is easier said than done.Focus on the variables in your life you can control to decrease stress and restore your health.Incorporate prayer, meditation, relaxation, breathing techniques and restorative type exercise such as yoga and pilates to help manage stress.Limit toxin exposure in household cleaners, pots and pans, plastic containers, makeup, and health and beauty aids. These toxins act as environmental stressors to the body.Utilize a sauna as a way to detox the body from stress. Aim for 7-8 hours of sleep per night, ideally between 10pm-6am as sleep has natural healing and restorative properties.

At Higher Health we offer a variety of services and products to assist you with improving your lifestyle. Why not try a session in an Infra-Red Sauna? Or a massage? The Massage Therapy services we offer observe a completely holistic approach. Contact Maria Lucey on 0438 112 050 to improve your lifestyle today!

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