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Perfect Green Juice

This yummy juice is both alkalizing and nourishing. Try the below recipe next time you juice!

Serves 2.


3 x organic celery stalks

1 x lebanese cucumber

2 x stems of kale

1/4 x fennel bulb

1 x lemon (peeled)

1 x green apple

1/2 inch slice of ginger


Put all ingredients into your juicer, then juice. Drink and enjoy!

Make this into Green Smoothie Meal

Add all of the above ingredients, plus the following:

1 x Tablespoon of olive oil

1/2 x Avocado

1 x Tablespoon of chia seeds

By having these three items added to this juice, not only have you made it a meal, you have also met your protein and essential fatty acids requirements for the day!

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