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Why Antioxidants in Sport and Life | Cascading Revenol

Antioxidants protect against free radicals. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid free radicals on our planet today - they can be found everywhere.

Toxins in the air we breath, chemical sprays on the food we eat, bad habits, poor eating choices, fast food, smoking, alcohol, even too much sunlight.

Most of the products we use in the home for cleaning are toxic, as are our personal hygine products and even our own body makes free radicals from normal bodily functions such as respiration and digestion.

Most athletes are aware that exercise creates harmful free radicals which slows down recovery from training and competition.

It is vital that we protect our cells from free radical damage with antioxidants. These powerful nutrients act to stablise free radicals, reduce damage to cells membranes and help maintain cell wall integrity.

If you want to learn more on this facinating subject, I recommend the following two CD's which you can access through the clinic on 0438 112 050 for only $14.95!

1. 'Antioxidants in Sport' by Dr Ian Gillman

2. 'Getting Fit' by Greg Roswell

Some benefits of taking antioxidants include:

- Skin Health and Healing

- Wound Healing

- Anti-aging

- Sports Recovery

- Gut Health

- Detoxification

- Kidney Health

- Liver Health

- Improve Vitality and Energy Levels

Some recommended Antioxidant Nutrients include...

- Grape Seed Extract

- Tumeric

- White Pine

- Ginkgo

- Vitamin C

- Vitamin E

- Green Tea

- Coenzym Q10

To find out even more about this amazing product that is Cascading Revenol, click on fact sheet here !

Or simply order yours online today by clicking this link here!

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