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Can I get everything I need from my diet?

Do I need to supplement?

These two questions are close to my heart as I had to answer these for myself in order to overcome my own family’s health challenges. I myself, 12 years ago had chronic tiredness and depression and Drew, my first child was born at 25 weeks, having all of his large intestine removed and an ileostomy bag inserted, consequently causing extensive digestive problems. Upon learning about this food crisis and starting to supplement while fixing up our diet, it wasn’t long before both our health improved. These are now common questions I get asked from my clients. The answer is a non-negotiable – YES! You do need to be supplementing yours and your family’s diet with whole food nutritionals if you want to get, be and stay healthy and I’m going to explain why.

The number 1 reason is the food today is lacking in nutrients. Change in all aspects of food cultivation, processing and delivery to consumers, has seen a definite reduction in the amount of vitamins and minerals in all our food, but especially our processed food. Just watching documentaries like food Matters and Food Inc. is a great way to start educating yourself around what’s really going on with our food supply today. Many professionals and even government bodies are extremely concerned in the rise of disease on the planet today and are pointing the finger at our food supply. Cancer Today has risen from 1 in 80 at the turn of the century to an estimated 1 in 3 today if you live to be 70.


If you’re a bit of a skeptic and believe the food you eat has nothing to do with your health then I suggest you do a little test and stop eating for a week.

The food we eat is the key to our survival, the quality of the food we eat is key to feeling great and avoiding disease and aging well.

A large amount of people today show little interest in food apart from to satisfy hunger and taste. We are what we eat, digest and absorb! Sadly today’s food just isn’t going to cut it. The food today is lacking in vital nutrients. One of the most serious factors is the depleted mineral state of the soil. Minerals cannot be manufactured by animals or plants they must be present in the soil. Over farming has depleted most farming areas of minerals. Mineral deficient soils lead to mineral deficient people. Dr Linus Paulin, One of the most influential chemists in history, Twice Nobel prize winner in chemistry, states that “you can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” Cultures that have high levels of organic minerals in their diet have seen little or no disease, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, arthritis, hyperactive children, learning disabilities, obesity, depression or skin problems.

People constantly tell me they have a good diet, however knowing the mineral problem, you need to understand no matter how healthy you are eating the nutrients aren’t there and you also need to know how much processed food people are eating today and the nourishment lost in the processing of these foods:

Early Harvesting - up to 25% loss

Transporting - up to 25% loss

Storage - up to 50% loss

Cooking - up to 50% loss

Freezing - up to 83% loss

Over processing and refining - up to 100% loss

Pasteurization - up to 50%loss

Canning - up to 83% loss

Dean Armytage, a renowned naturopath in Queensland states that today’s food has 50 percent less nutrients than it did 50 – 100 years ago. Most food today provides us with only 3 minerals NPK, Nitrogen, phosperous, potassium and we need approximately 60 a day to stay healthy. So where do we get the other 57?

The Body needs specific nutrients daily in appropriate amounts and if it doesn’t get them, then we get a symptom.

Natures nutrition is very complex, to define the exact number of nutrients is not possible, there are literally thousands of phytonutrients (compounds found in plants that make them biologically active). We do know for optimum health the body requires 90 nutrients – this is the basics recipe I use with my clients, so ask yourself, did I get my 90 nutrients today? And if not, get on a supplement program today.

So what do I need?

60 minerals - minerals come in the form of inorganic - or metallic minerals, reducing their absorption. Humans need plant based colloidal minerals absorbed into the body quickly and easily.

16 vitamins

12 amino acids

3 essential fatty acids

We also need the right amount of protein, fiber, good bacteria for gut health and antioxidants

Yes we were meant to get our nutrients from our food but our food is deficient! Australian soils are deficient in zinc, copper, boron, selenium, phosphorus and due to this people are eating the deficient plants. The obvious answer is to remedy this problem with supplementation. Today’s family will need to consider a supplement program into their grocery bill, as well as eat as much organic foods as possible. Organic food has more nutrients and less toxic sprays. If you are relying on conventionally grown food, then you will definitely need to supplement.

Eve Hillary ND, BHSc. MA, journalist and health care professional is a bestselling author. Her book “Children of a Toxic Harvest” explains a lot about what’s going on with our health today. It is a great read and very informative. I suggest you get a copy if you are interested in learning more. She also has a DVD “8 Reasons To Take Supplements “. Here she looks at the question, why take nutritional supplements?

For the return of good health, to stay healthy and for athletes to achieve peak performance, she states that 74% of cancer survivors take supplements as well as 90 % of athletes. These people are aware of the nutritional health crisis and our nutritionally poor food industry.

In closing make sure you get your 90 nutrients!!! To do this with food alone you will need to eat around 15-16 different coloured fruits and veggies every day! So yes, please eat a healthy balanced diet with as much organic, live and fresh as possible try for 80 percent plants. One trick I use is to do my 5/5/5 diet, this is having 5 veggies with breakfast, 5 veggies with lunch and 5 veggies with dinner. This crowds out all the bad food, however most people are not achieving this so I’m going to recommend a basic supplement program including:

  • A good probiotic

  • A colloidal mineral

  • A multivitamin

  • An EFA supplement

  • An antioxidant

  • A superfood green powder to give you that extra fibre and keep you alkaline

This recipe will give you the nutrients you need to meet your nutritional requirements even if your diet isn’t perfect, which will keep you feeling fantastic and ward off disease.

I have been told by some that I am too supplement focused, and hopefully after reading this you will understand why. In my nutrition course we were taught how to heal people with food, however Dean also said “you will not be able heal people with food alone any longer as the food today is so nutritionally deficient, you will have to use supplementation on your clients.” Personally, I’m not a big fan of shoveling down a ton of multivitamins, what I endorse is using high quality whole food nutritional and herbal supplements to get enough nutrients in to heal and reverse symptoms or if your already healthy to stay that way. When supplementing be careful with the brands you choose as there are lots on the market containing elemental or synthetic’s which is not ideal.

Charlotte Gerson says “you need to know your enemy”, referring to today’s health enemy as Nutritional Deficiencies and Toxicity.

I hope this article has helped you choose to start supplementing yourself and your loved ones for improved health. Should you like guidance on this process of correct supplementation and choosing superior brands I am happy to help. You can also come to one of our health talks at Higher Health wellness centre, or book a nutrition consult. I can be reached at or 0438 112 050.

Yours in health,

Maria X

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