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10 Foods That Speed Up Metabolism and Increase How Fast You Burn Calories

To follow are a list of 10 foods that speed up your metabolism and increase how fast you burn calories:

  • Foods high in omega 3’s – fish, nuts, seeds, hemp oil, flaxseed oil

  • Eat foods high in Calcium - green leafy veggies, almonds ,broccoli

  • Eat foods high in vitamin C - a nutrient that helps reduce insulin spikes such as: lemon water first thing in the morning, red capsicum, dark leafy vegetables, broccoli, tomatoes, peas, berries, papayas

  • Eat spices - garlic, cinnamon, even cayenne is very good at boosting metabolism, also add black pepper and ginger

  • Eat organic apples and pears - they both help boost metabolism and speed up weight loss

  • Green tea - green tea has many health benefits. It is high in antioxidants which fight free radical damage to our cells and it is a metabolism booster!!! Yippee!

  • Eat soup - I always recommend eating soup for Gut health soups are easy to digest and absorb.

  • Eat Broccoli - high in calcium and vitamin C

  • Eat specific whole grains - most grains are not recommended for speeding up metabolism, however whole oats and brown rice will be because they help stabilize blood sugar, this is important as spikes in blood sugar tell the body to start storing fat!

  • Hot peppers

Other extremely important factors to help your metabolism work more efficiently are to ensure you drink plenty of water, get plenty of exercise, strength train 2 times per week, be sure to get plenty of sleep and reduce stress as stress causes gastrointestinal disturbances. It would also be wise to perform a colon cleanse and a liver / gallbladder cleanse. This will definitely help increase your metabolism and improve your general health. The digestive system is very sensitive and responsive to the good and bad we submit it to in our daily diets. It doesn’t take long to damage your digestive health, in the same way though, once you get on a gut healing program it doesn’t take long for the body to positively respond. Any digestive complaints will be effecting the conversion of foods eaten into components for energy or for the building materials for our living tissues. You really are what eat so start eating lots more of the foods listed above not only for weight loss but for amazing health!

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