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What about water?


This is so important as mains water or unfiltered rainwater, althought usually safe to drink, is not healthy. Yes our mains water will keep us alive, but will it help us thrive?

Common problems with mains water are many added chemicals, such as fluride and chlorine, and with unfiltered water, patrasites and heavy metals are quite often present.

So when it comes water, good water is an absolute must! It is vital for general health, weight loss and for clean blood too! Avoid drinking tap water where you can as the chlorine is very damaging to your gut and has a long list of health problems attached to it. Floride is equally damaging to our gut and our health! There are many other chemicals that you expose yourself to by drinking unfiltered tap water. This really does damage our gut and makes our kidneys and liver work harder.

So please spoil yourself with filtered or spring water!


For extra hydration, add a pinch of Celtic or Himalayan salt to your water to help absorb into the cells. This is an essential nutrient and by adding a little to our water, we hydrate better. Remember our blood is almost identical to to ocean water and we lose our minerals daily by sweating, breathing and elimination, so it is crucial to re-mineralise our bodies using the correct salt.

On waking, a full glass of plain water is a great way to start the day! To kick off the digestion, squeeze half a fresh lemon into your water. Lemon is acidic by nature but when consumed is alkalizing. It is good to wait half an hour after drinking your water to have breakfast, as large volumes of water should not be consumed close to meals due to the water reducing HCI and diluting digestive enzymes, therefore compromising digestion!

A simple formula is to be to be drinking 30 mls per kilo of body weight.

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