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Surviving the flu...

I recently had a four-day bout of the flu. I had all the symptoms, headache, extreme exhaustion, aches and pains, fever, yes I thought I was going to die! Extreme I know, so I was determined to live though and to let my Immune system do the work and fight this war.

“The flu can be really nasty and land’s many in the hospital” said my close friend, work colleague, and registered nurse for 20 + years, Jackie Moult. Jackie checks that I have everything I need to assist my Immune system in the war it’s about to fight.

“Do you have enough probiotics? She asks. “Yes Jackie.” “What about your minerals and your vitamin C and zinc? Do you need me to make you some chicken soup, I’ll run it over to you it’s no trouble? Are you keeping hydrated?”

How lucky am I to have a friend like this! WOW, I was so grateful to have her reminding me of everything I could do to get over this quicker, especially when I am feeling too sick to think straight. Sometimes when we are left to our own defences, the flu takes a hold and tortures us much longer than needed, sometimes even on and off for the whole winter. I was doing the best I could, I even slept for four days straight.

On day four, my headache was so bad I did think I would have to give in and go to the doctor. Instead though, I kept up with drinking as much spring water as I possibly could, took probiotics 3 to 4 times per day, sipped broth of vegetable soup that my husband Justin so lovingly made... upon my request. I continued to support my immune system with plant based colloidal minerals, 10 mls 4 x a day, vitamin C 1000mgs as much as possible throughout the day (up to 10,000 mgs per day). In addition to the vitamin C, I made sure I had zinc too. I also took a herbal immune system supplement with Echinacea.

Then, sure enough, by day five I realised I had won the war against flu! I was a bit slow on day five, but by day six I felt great! I felt renewed, refreshed, almost as if I had been on a detox retreat!

Many health experts say getting the flu is a good way to rid the body of toxins. Even extremely healthy individuals can expect to contract one cold or flu every 2 to 3 years.

For me, a new zest for life appeared, I wasn’t craving coffee or alcohol and I felt clear in the mind. Looking back to the conversation I had with my dear friend Jackie, I can’t imagine how much worse this situation could have been for a body that is unsupported by nutrition. Generally the flu is lasting for up to 3 weeks for people who are not supporting their body nutritionally, rather than just 4 to 5 days.

I would really like to thank Jackie for her support in my speedy recovery, as well as my friend Rob for the colloidal silver, it helped a lot!

There are many things we can actually do to support our immune system to get well quicker, if you are anything like me, I’m sure you don’t have much spare time for illness. I believe your best bet is to make yourself aware of what you can do to support yourself when the flu or a cold does strike and use of these methods to win the fight to stay healthy.

Here is a list of what I used to conquer the flu…

  1. Drink as much clean pure spring water as possible (at least 2 litres per day)

  2. Probiotics - acidophilus, bifidus

  3. Bovine colostrum

  4. Herbal formula with echinacea

  5. Vegetable broths

  6. Colloidal silver

  7. Hydrotherapy - A very hot bath soak for approximately 7 minutes, then hop into an icy cold shower as long as you can tolerate it, then back into the bath. Repeat 3 times, this increases white blood cells.

  8. Essential oils - eucalyptus

I used all of these over the five days and there are many other awesome nutrients you can use to support the body like olive leaf extract, ginger and liquid kyolic garlic plus many more!

The message here is to just get started.

The old saying that says ‘to feed a cold and starve a fever’ was misunderstood. If you are sick, do not starve yourself, rather get your nutrients through copious amounts of liquids, which means about 3 litres! It is important to fast from solid foods until your appetite returns however as the body is not up to the job of digestion while sick. Much of your liquids can come from vegetable broths and you can add powdered or liquid supplements to your water and sip as much as possible.

Things to avoid when the flu strikes…

- Sugar

- All forms of Dairy

- Exercise

Rest is your prescription!!!

It’s also worth adding that the moment you feel something coming on, you act urgently with the above recommendations as you only have a small window of opportunity to avoid getting the cold or flu altogether. Be sure to act promptly with your commitment and you can avoid it. It’s important to keep up with nutritional support for four or five days and start again whenever you feel it coming on.

I hope this helps you recover quicker and if you would like support in building up your immune system, I am always happy to help!

Oh and if you are interested in checking out the herbal supplement I have been using for over 12 years, click here to download! It's a life saver!

Yours in health,

Maria X

Phone: 0438112050

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