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21 Day Elimination Challenge - DAY 8

Wow... week 1 complete!! and it was an amazing first weekend finished - now I know what my clients go through! It's pretty tough for many reasons, one being nobody else changes what they are doing just because you have, so you have to be around all the temptations! I'm feeling fantastic and starting to notice some benefits, for example, less tired in the morning, and less stiffness. I'm also realising how wheat in particuar is such a massive part of our diets today, and that it or one of the other foods I have been omitting was most likely causing me some issues that just weren't presenting themselves enough to make me want to give those foods up. I've also lost about a kilo and as they say you never just quit something, you have to replace it with something else so I'm juicing alot more and drinking more water. I'm recommending this 21 day elimination challenge, it's a bit of a challenge for sure but it's awesome - I'm loving it to be honest. Yours in health, Maria X

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