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In the mood for something sweet?

In the mood for something sweet ?... Sugar cravings - If you are giving your body healthy carbohydrates, like lots of veggies and berries it might not crave the less healthy carbohydrates like processed and packages foods. A diet high in simple carbohydrates puts stress on the body causing spikes in blood sugar and a rush of insulin from the pancreas, followed by a drop in blood sugar which causes hunger and cravings. Overtime the body can lose its ability to metabolise these carbs and becomes resistant to the rush of insulin. If it does then we put ourselves at risk of metabolic syndrome, hypertension, anxiety, obesity, type 2 diabeties, mood swings and low energy levels. We have to look and see what else could be causing cravings for sweets. Perhaps it's dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, parasites, hormones or even food allergies. A change in diet will definitely cause cravings, so we need to ascertain is it my mind or body that wants that piece of chocolate! My clients often tell me they absolutely love a certain food that is not to healthy for them and can't stop eating it. I just point out that it's probably more their physiology and what's going on in the body than anything else. I know this is true from personal experience, I couldn't go a day without chocolate, mainly cakes, I couldn't walk past a cafe without going in and grabbing something sweet, which now I know was a sign of all of the above for me, one being a sign of a mineral deficiency of magnesium and antioxidants. After a diet change and supplementation, I never even think about chocolate even if it's around me, so it wasn't so much that I loved chocolate it was my body crying out for it! Im happy with a tiny taste once in awhile, it's actually a great freedom to get your blood sugars balanced!!!

Do you think you could be possibly mineral deficient? We have a great daily liquid supplement - simply drink it on it's own or to add to smoothies, drinks, water, etc.

Call Maria on 0438 112 050 to find out how to buy this product online from the comfort of your own home.

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