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Low thyroid... Is it a problem for you?!

Did you know…

1. Insulin Excess

2. Toxic Estrogen

3. Low thyroid

4. Low serotonin

5. Excess Cortisol

Are the most common Hormonal Imbalances?

Without enough thyroid hormone, every system in the body slows down. Those who suffer from hypothyroidism feel tired, tend to sleep a lot, experience constipation and typically experience weight gain . Extremely dry skin, hair loss, slower mental processes, feeling cold, brittle hair, splitting nails, diminished ability to sweat during exercise, infertility, poor memory, depression, decreased libido or an inability to lose weight are also symptoms to watch for. If you suspect you have a thyroid condition, make sure your doctor assesses you and your full range of symptoms, not just your blood work. Even levels of TSH (an indicator of thyroid function) within the normal range has been proven to accelerate weight gain and to interfere with a healthy metabolic rate in both men and women.

Do you suffer from?

Dry skin and/or hair


Hair loss

Brittle hair and/or nails

PMS, infertility, long menstrual cycle (> 30 days or irregular periods)

Abnormal lactation


Lack of sweating, feeling cold or cold hands and feet

High cholesterol

Poor tolerance for exercise

Heart palpitations

Outer edge of eyebrows thinning

Aches and pains

Water retention/puffiness in hands or feet

Poor memory

Loss of libido


Loss of motivation or competitive edge

Iron deficiency anemia


Generalized overweight/weight gain/obesity


Use of corticosteroids

Current use of synthetic hormone replacement or birth control pills

(Warning score: > 8)

Thyroid hormones regulate our metabolism and organ function and directly affect heart rate, cholesterol levels, body weight, energy, muscle contraction and relaxation, skin and hair texture, bowel function, fertility, menstrual regularity, memory, mood and other body processes.

Life doesn’t need to be this way!! At Higher Health, we can help restore your hormone balance.

Call Maria on 0438 112 050 to book your appointment today. Bookings by appointment only.

I hope you have enjoyed Part 3 of my hormone series. Stayed tuned to find out more about Low Serotin and Excess Cortisol and if these hormone imbalances are an issue for you.

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