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Do you Fear Cancer?

Do you Fear Cancer? I’ve heard the saying we fear what we do not understand? I myself used to fear cancer, growing up I lost my grandmother when I was 12 years old, she was only 57 way too young to die. It was Small-cell Lung Cancer. I remember hearing my mom talk about how much it ran in the family so I guess it’s just part of my jeans right? What I’ve been learning over the last 12 years of studying health and nutrition is that thought was actually a wrong belief that I had been carrying around with me from a very young age. I decided to start leaning towards understanding cancer rather than fearing it. I’ve been learning how we get it and more importantly how to not get it. We do not have to be a statistic. The exciting thing is we have more control over our health than we think and it is not as much our genetic makeup that decides our fate but our lifestyle choices which trigger our genetics in a positive or negative way. This is so important for the average person to start to take on board learning how to prevent ever getting cancer in the first place is your best defense and protection for you and your family to be cancer free. Now this is going to take some work on your part, it is like you have to grow a new brain and unlearn all the myths and lies you have been led to believe about Cancer.

This documentary series by Ty Bollinger – The truth about cancer is your chance to start this education process it is a great opportunity for us all to start to learn more on such a confusing subject. You will learn so much and the amazing thing is he is offering it free and it starts tomorrow. I am super excited that Ty is doing this work it has been a long time coming and I am passionate about being a part of the mission to reduce cancer on this planet through understanding and prevention. We do not have to be a statistic. If you would like further support on Cancer and how to prevent it you can come to one of my Health talks at Higher Health where no matter what the subject there is always some cancer prevention being taught. Please go check out what is on at under events. I am also doing a How to eat your way to healthy hormones cooking class which could also be tagged as how to eat your way to prevent cancer and how to eat your way to amazing gut health as you can’t have one without the other. Remember you do not have to be perfect in health you just have to do more good than bad. Tip the scales in your favour daily towards health. Click here to watch Ty’s – The truth about cancer for free if you do not get to watch them all just order a copy.

Your’s in health and happiness,

Maria Lucey, Nutritionist

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