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Protect our little people from chemicals and toxins

It would be nice to know that the food our kids are eating and the environment that they live in was safe but the truth is that our kids are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands of more chemicals than we were as kids. Children are particularly susceptible to damage from chemicals and toxins as their gut, brain, and immune systems are still developing and are, therefore, especially vulnerable. Did you know... A child's blood-brain barrier is not fully intact until at least two years of age, leaving the central nervous system highly susceptible to damage. A child's digestive lining is still somewhat leaky and their liver detoxification pathways are immature so they are not fully capable of handling toxins effectively and may experience systemic inflammation and oxidative stress to even minimal toxin exposure. A child's immune system is still developing in the first years of life making them more susceptible to immune challenges and imbalances. These differences in our children's health needs are important for us to consider as parents. Sure, there are some factors that are out of our control when it comes to chemicals and toxins in our food and environment. On the other hand, there are many things WE CAN do to protect our little people from chemicals and toxins. For more information or to book an appointment , please call Maria - nutritionist at Higher Health on 0438 112 050. Much Love Maria X

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