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6 steps to rebuild your gut health - step 4 the parasite cleanse

Commonly the “Remove “stage of a gut health program is put right at the beginning of the program, however if possible I like to get my client feeling a little better before I start A Parasite cleanse as often a parasite cleanse can have side effects such as mild headache, flu like symptoms, and feeling tired. This is commonly due to die off of Candida.

The first 3 steps are ultimately assisting in the remove process anyways and building the body up a bit before starting the cleanse. The parasite cleanse is needed as part of any gut health program to reduce Intestinal dysbiosis which is an imbalance between the good bacteria and the harmful species of bacteria in your gut. The bad bacteria, intestinal worms, yeast and fungi must be addressed in most cases with an anti- microbial supplement.

Have a look at the previous 3 steps we have been speaking of in our 6 steps program

Step 1 to reintroduce good bacteria, with acidophilus fibre,

Step 2 to heal and seal the gut with Aloe and colostrum,

Step 3 improve absorption of nutrients with digestive enzymes

Intestinal dysbiosis is generally a western degenerative disease pattern, caused from diets high in fats, high meat diets and very low plant based fibre. Our western diet produces and environment in our gut that bad bacteria can thrive in and that our friendly bacteria struggle in and die. For good gut health balance we need to totally reverse this asap by using anti microbial herbs to help kill and rid the body of this problem. Para cleanse and its combination of ingredients may be useful for Intestinal dysbiosis, candida, intestinal parasites, after food poisoning, and as a digestive system tonic.

There are many reasons for Intestinal dysbiosis and they can start from birth, simply by being born C-section or the mother didn’t have a healthy gut herself, Low HCI is a problem as many parasites are introduced through our food and water and if we have good Hydrochloric acid many of these will be killed by the HCI. The use of antibiotics and any prescription medication kills our good bacteria allowing the bad to take over, chlorinated and fluorinated water will do the same and the lack of probiotic rich foods and many dead over cooked foods all play a significant roll in the imbalance in our gut bacteria. Remember to keep focused on the good guys and use herbs and an awesome diet to crowd out and kill the bad guys.

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