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Step 5 The Fiber Boost

6 steps to gut health- part 5 ( fiber) use Modere fiber support and Green qi with Chia seeds to absorb

toxins, keep the colon moving and act like an internal scrub brush.

"It's all about your Gut." You know it. I know it and Hippocrates knew it!!! "All Disease Begins in the gut"

Are you sick of your symptoms?

It's time to stop the madness!!!

(Hello, gut health) you can focus on fiber with the supplements 1. super food Green qi and 2. Fibre support

Most people know they need more fiber but they don't tend to focus on this in their diet. It would be really great if we all could all live, eat, and breath gut health? by adding a fiber supplement we can really help a person that has a digestive disorder.

With digestive problem, we commonly see links such as hormonal imbalances, sleeplessness, hair falling out, constipation and or irritable bowel, mood problems- Anxiety and depression, sleep apnea, skin problems, poor immune health and a whole lot more. These conditions can all be helped and supported by the use of fiber in the diet.

Gut restoration doesn't happen overnight that's because there are so many variables- low fiber is a key problem its a contributing factor to leaky gut, a diet lacking in fiber is bad news, leaky gut causes toxicity in the body, toxicity damages our liver health and causes us to have dirty blood as the liver gets over loaded and can't keep up. We need a healthy liver to filter our blood.

This all gets started with poor digestion, leading to poor absorption, we also might have low HCI which leads to parasites. Our Gut health begins with regular bowel movements for regular bowel movements we need fibre.

If you haven't been having at least 1 bowel movement a day you are headed for gut health problems and you need fiber. As a nutritionist, if you're only having one bowel movement a day I consider you constipated.

You have to plan daily for your gut health and you should because research has shown "the gut health connection " with many serious health conditions.

I believe a damaged gut is the precursor to all disease. This is why I've decided to stay on the gut health bandwagon for awhile, I really want you all to get your head around restoring your gut health permanently. In our lives, we will be addressed regularly with things that will be negatively influencing our gut health and we all need a system in place to incorporate positive daily gut health strategies that allow for constant healing of the gut through our nutrition, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and actions.

The truth is that if you don't start at the foundation of gut health you may never experience how good you can actually feel.

we started our six steps to gut healing program with

1. probiotics

2. Gut lining healers - 1. Aloe and 2. Bovine colostrum - use the first four product together for 2-4 weeks 3. digestive enzymes- take with meals continue with the first 4 products and add the parasite cleanse, which is generally a 2-month protocol depending on your health.

Reminder a parasite cleanse should be done once a year for optimum health. 4. paracleanse- antimicrobial herbs 5. fiber- add fiber in the beginning of the parasite cleanse, I've waited to add fibre as sometimes adding fiber to a person's gut health regime can cause symptoms to worsen such as more gas and bloating, in saying this as we have discussed one of the major causes of gut health problems is lack of fibre in the diet, we need the fiber to cleanse the bowel of mucous and waste and help the liver detox.

let's clarify the gut healing regime start with the first 4 products of probiotic at night before bed,.

Aloe and Colostrum twice a day.

Digestive enzymes take 2 tablets with a main meal.

Do this for 2-4 weeks, then add para cleanse and fibre for 1 month have a 5 day break and start back on para cleanse and fibre for another month.

I have recommended the Green qi supplement as it is a food and high in plant-based fibre and you can add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to it, this will greatly benefit your fibre intake. The green qi is very alkalizing and full of vitamins minerals and antioxidants, its a great blood cleanser and liver tonic and should be started slowly as it can make you detox.

To start use 1/2 a scoop in a 500 ml glass of water, build up over a month to two scoops in 500 mls of water if adding the chia seeds it will thicken and can be used as a meal for breakfast or a snack.

Do fiber both morning and night suggestions- add a teaspoon of each whole ground flaxseed and slippery elm to Modere fiber support.

So far on this gut health journey you have been providing the nutrients necessary to help the gut repair itself, but there is a lot more involved on this gut health journey. Next we must talk about the liver and then specific key nutrients that can't be ignored such as zinc, EFA's, antioxidants, and minerals and then pulling it all together with the gut health diet and eating plan. So I guess after all its more than 6 steps, I think we can get you a clear picture in 9 easy steps to gut health.

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