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Beware of the Dirty Dozen

Eat Organic for you and your loved ones health and the health of our beautiful planet- let's get started with committing to stop buying the most highly sprayed.

It took me a few years to go completely organic as it was hard to find and expensive when I started 13 years ago, however the more I learned about chemical sprays on my food the more committed I became. For example one of my favourite health foods is Potatoes, yum except if they are conventionally grown. I once met a potato farmer from America who I got into a very interesting conversation with. I asked him if it was true about all the chemicals used to grow potatoes he told me it definitely was and that he wouldn't eat the potatoes he grows. Instead he and his family grow a patch that they eat separately from the ones they sell. He said they have chemicals they can spray to make the potatoes lay dormant if the price is down and then chemicals to spray to kick them back on again once the price goes up. He definitely said he wouldn't eat his own potatoes.

Scarey stuff !!!

Organic food is better for us because of what it doesn't have on it more than any other reason.

Happily Organic food is becoming much easier to access and more affordable today, yippee.

Make the start with my Dirty Dozen list

Today more than ever WE NEED TO BE MORE


PURCHASING and consuming -

would you like to know the health effects to you and your family from consuming the chemicals sprayed on your food?

check out all the foods on the dirty dozen and just how many potential chemicals your exposing yourself to by going to this link

for example, Potatoes potentially have 35 Pesticide Residues - Found by the USDA Pesticide Data Program.

Human Health Effects of chemicals sprays on potatoes are -

6 - Known or Probable Carcinogens

12 - Suspected Hormone Disruptors

7 - Neurotoxins

6 - Developmental or Reproductive Toxins

Environmental Effects:

9 - Honeybee Toxins

The above lists of pesticides on potatoes potentially being carcinogenic (causing cancer), being hormone disruptive, having neurotoxins( damaging to the brain and central nervous system) as well as chemicals that are linked with developmental and reproductive toxins and Bad for Bee's . These are the reasons we must consider the health effects of pesticides on our food.

There are many reasons why we should care if pesticides are on our food? Their very purpose is to kill. They have even been linked to numerous problems but my main concern is they damage our gut health by killing our good bacteria. Thus, they are definitely something we want to avoid if possible.

I know change is difficult, because when I first learned about all the changes I had to make at home to help my son Drew with his major gut health problems to get better I was completely overwhelmed, but i started going organic with this list and you can to. Just by starting with the most highly sprayed foods you can reduce your toxic load by a massive amount.

As a nutritionist going organic is one of my most important messages to my clients so they can reap the health benefits of their healthy diet.

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