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Don’t let glucose levels scare you at Halloween!!!

If your family is planning to go trick-or-treating, I want to shares ways to enjoy Halloween without fussing over glucose levels. Halloween need not only be about the trick-or-treating. Encourage your child to partake in non-food activities, such as carving a pumpkin; make decorations; having fun with friends and family whilst watching a scary... movie; dressing up or visiting a ‘haunted’ house. Here are some great tips I would love to share with you:

Plan ahead - sit down with youur family and make Halloween plans in advance so your child knows what to expect. Create boundaries and general rules with your family. Your child will be more likely to be on board with a plan they helped create. The rules of the plan may include: 1. Make sure your child does not go alone. 2. Ensure your child eats well and smart throughout the day, prior to the trick-or-treating so he/she can start off the evening with normal blood sugar level. 3. Then, make a deal with your child to avoid snacking until you’re both home from trick-or-treating. 4. Your child should take his/her own water as they may get thirsty. 5. Friends and family can be very supportive and have healthy snacks waiting for your child. These options may include nuts, dark chocolate and fruit (strawberries dipped into dark chocolate). 6. Returning home - once you have returned home, allow your child to choose his/ her 1 or 2 favourite treat(s) to enjoy. If you have a bucket load of treats, perhaps they can be exchanged for a desired gift i.e. a toy, TV game, movie ticket, or a trip to the zoo etc. The exchange of sweets for a desired toy or game could apply to all the children of the house. The exchanged treats can also be donated to the less fortunate community groups as a treat they often do not receive. You can also make great Halloween recipes that will allow your children to enjoy the day, without missing out on treats. Suitable Halloween treats: Dark chocolate Popcorn Nuts (or perhaps appropriate caramelised or dark chocolate coated nuts) Apple and date cinnamon balls (recipe to come!) I hope this post comes in handy for you and your family and more importantly Happy Halloween! Yours in health, Maria Lucey, Nutritionist

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