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Welcome to 2019... How To Find Healthy Habits Again

Hi everyone, Welcome to 2019... I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years, and are ready to get back into the swing of healthy, life changing habits!

I myself took some time away to visit my family back in the USA!! I had a wonderful time, but as most of us do on holiday I indulged a little too much. I thought I’d share some tips I'm using to get back into healthy habits after the silly season.

Tip One: Slow and steady wins the race

Okay… so you enjoyed Christmas leftovers with a few wines and now you're struggling to get back on top of healthy habits. Don’t panic!! You might be experiencing some cravings, but you can slowly introduce your body back to its nutritious and balanced lifestyle. Let’s take it back to basics, try one thing at a time. For example, start by increasing your spring or filtered water intake. Swap some snacks for a big glass of water.

Tip Two: Green Qi

You’re probably thinking, here it is again… Green Qi, and that's because this is one of my favourite supplements. Why?... because it’s a superfood green powder loaded with plant-based protein, vitamins, minerals and good bacteria. It helps your body to detox, a necessity after indulging to clean the liver, and alkalise our blood (bring it back to balance). As a bonus, it's a wonderful hang over cure for those that enjoy a few wines! This is a quick and easy way to flush toxins from your body, perfect for the New Year. Start by swapping one meal of the day for my Green Qi Super Smoothie Recipe: 1 scoop of Green Qi 1 shot of Modere Minerals (remember: a lack of nutrients in today's soil leaves our body lacking this essential) 1 shot of Modere Aloe (remember: a delicious and soothing drink to heal the gut lining, great before and after a cheat meal) and Chia Seeds (Remember to drink quickly as the chia seeds expand). Head to 'Supplements and Non-Toxic Products' on my website to purchase and find out more. As an alternative, you can start with Green Qi and Chia Seeds alone. Tip Three: Prepare!!

Picture this… you come home after a long day at work, reminiscing of the holiday season just past. You open your cupboard to find biscuits, chocolate, and tinned spaghetti. Do you reach for the preservative filled, easy option? Or.. do you whip up a gut healing chicken soup? Probably the first one right. But what if you’d filled your fridge with pre-made healthy soups, salads and stir-fry’s? You’d find it much easier to indulge in some pre-prepared delicious and nutritious goodness. Preparation is key as you find your feet. Remember: You can re-invent the previous nights nutritious meal for lunch. Be creative!!

Tip Four: Green Juice Now… Champagne Later!

Mad March in Adelaide, South Australia is about to be upon us. For those who don’t know, March in our city tempts us with shows, dining, and fun! The beauty about nutrition today is that we don’t have to say no… we just have to know how to prepare and heal.

Try to limit yourself to two ‘cheat’ nights a week. The day of your event, start with my Green Qi Super Smoothie Recipe. This will help heal and seal your gut for the night ahead. Once the damage is done you need to re-establish the bacteria you’ve killed, re-heal the gut and take care of the liver. I’d recommend a range of Modere supplements, along with good nutritious food choices. 1. Modere Probiotic 2. Modere Bovine Colostrum and Aloe (gut lining healers) 3. Liver health. 4. Additionally, I’d take a Modere multivitamin to re-establish B Vitamins. And there you have it. My four tips for healing your gut, body and mind after the holiday's. I hope this has been helpful in inspiring you to get back on track for 2019! You’ll be hearing more from me soon about what’s going to be on offer at Higher Health this year. I’ve been really busy with family life, with a recently engaged son! I am still busy planning the year ahead but I look forward to seeing some more of your faces again soon. Yours In Health, Maria x

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