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Benefits of using Green Qi

As mentioned in a recent recipe post - my delicious Gluten-free crepes, I said I was going to discuss the benefits of using Green Qi. This is the best green powder ever - I use 2 scoops in 500 mls water everyday!! For all manner of reasons - particularly poor diet and lifestyle choices - we may not receive all of the nutritional requirements our body requires to operate at optimum efficiency and underpin our overall wellbeing. Quite simply, if you wanted to have the daily dose of plant based nutrients (phytonutrients) and beneficial compounds available to you in Green Qi, your home would have to look like a market garden! There are no less than 27 individual sources of phytonutrients in every scoop. It really does qualify for the label of ‘superfood’. Green Qi is a real ‘superfood’ inspired by Chinese traditional philosophy, it is designed to benefit your overall vitality and wellbeing. The plant and herbal ingredients in Green Qi provide a rich source of nutrients to enhance the daily diet and support alkalising diets. Perfect for people on the go who don’t have the time or desire to prepare a nutritious meal! Green Qi has a natural green colour from the high plant content, and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You may also receive additional benefits from combining this product with: Para Cleanse, Colostrum, Probiotic, Liver Health, Adult Multivitamin plus Botanicals. Keen to try this product? Call Maria on 0438 112 050.

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