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Self-Care Solutions

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Are you feeling resilient and ready for anything?

Or are you fatigued and tired of being tired?

Sometimes we get tired and then we get tired of being tired, then we push through being tired to do the things that daily life requires and become more fatigued than just plain old tired.

This is when we are on our least resistant and resilient self, our wellness factors start slipping and the things we love to do for ourselves get put to one side, achieving tasks becomes more important than anything we would normally do to reinvigorate ourselves. The to-do list is prioritizing to start running our lives.

Once we push ourselves past our limits and fatigue sets in, resistance is low and we are

susceptible … sickness … depression … anxiety … stress … digestive problems and a myriad of other symptoms and challenges can lead to a lack of desire to do even the things we love most.

We stop participating in the things that would normally add the happy sparks to our lives … craft … sport … sharing time with others … gardening … cooking … the things we would traditionally do that add personal value to our lives, start to get put in the too hard basket, pushed to one side or are guiltily forgotten. Our self-care time is put to one side and the ability to prioritise ourselves becomes neglected in the business of life and prioritising the needs and wants of others.

My question is … are you taking care of yourself?

Because if you are not taking care of yourself – who is?

A part of taking care of ourselves is leisure time and what we do with our leisure time is important. Leisure time is the time when we recharge our batteries, so we are ready to get on with life and the myriad of things that it entails.

We start with Breakfast and from there, your day of delight gets underway ... the day is designed to be restful and refreshing as well as informative and interesting, there is training from Maria and the Team, Guided Meditations, Gentle Stretching Sessions, Mindfulness Training, and more ... everyone goes home with gifts yet one person will be blessed to win the Retreat Prize Package valued at over $400-.

On the day - all food is provided and all dietary requirements are catered for, so please let Maria know if you have dietary restrictions or preferences that need to be accounted for.

This Retreat Day is designed to be a Self-Care Solution shared with other like minded people to reinvigorate body, mind and spirit, a special day designed to benefit you.

Come along - bring a friend or loved one - and leave with some new tools to being your best and brightest self

Other Self-Care Solutions Available At

Higher Health Wellness Centre 64 London Road - Mile End

South Australia - ARE ...

Yours In Health - Your Online Nutritionist - Maria x


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