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6 things to try that can assist you to be more confident!

1 Dance – even if it’s by yourself or with your kids in your living room! Or on a more serious note, why not try aerobics, flamenco, belly-dancing or ballet? Dancing is fantastic for your posture.

2 Self-love – loving yourself is important to interact with others. People who love the skin they are in are more confident. They also appear more "real" and genuine. We are all special and great people and have love within us all. Perhaps try reading a self-love book to assist. Contact me if you would like to know of some great authors.

3 Putting yourself out there – sure, some situations may be awkward, but if you avoid them all the time they will never get easier. I always make an effort to interact with people from diverse backgrounds and I actually am blessed to have met a range of people.

4 Learning – continue to learn and continue to grow. I attend and hold many workshops and seminars to note how other people present themselves. You can learn so many tips and tricks when you're just observing. It's also great to study in areas you love if you want to boost confidence for work.

5 Positive wording – the way you word things is important in presenting yourself confidently. Wording is not difficult to master and can be very effective with some practice.

6 Mindset – a positive mindset is the key to confidence. A little self-talk before an event or social occasion is like a shot of coffee before an intense workout, yet could be more effective.

I hope these tips have been of some help and given you something to think about.

Have a great day! X

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