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Top tips for juicing!

Your gut needs the stimulation from breaking down whole foods – i.e. fibrous foods that you have to chew! Incorporate juices and smoothies into a balanced, whole-food based diet.

Here are my thoughts for juicing:

- Use organic or chemical free produce where possible, or wash them well under cold running water before juicing or making smoothies.

- Dilute your juices to make them less hardcore -water, coconut water or water rich vegies (e.g. cucumber) work well.

- Be conscious of your energy needs – don’t go too gung-ho with energy dense ingredients -It still adds up.

- Chew your juices + smoothies to stimulate digestion.

- Base your juices on veggies – less starchy/sugary, the better.

- Berries, lemons + limes are great, low sugar nutrient dense fruits to add for flavour.

- Fresh is best – try to drink your smoothie/juice soon after making to avoid nutrient losses.

- Buy freshly squeezed or cold pressed juices made with love. Avoid fruit nectars, syrups, frozen yoghurts, ice cream, added sugars.

- Sip slowly and enjoy! X

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