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21 Day Elimination Challenge - DAY 3

Hello everyone, yes it's DAY 3 and going great so far. The first 2 days have been easy, I've been somewhat hungry and have a slight headache today, but I have realised I don't mind my coffee black and have also watered it down so it is not strong (at least I can still have a coffee!!) I didn't think I could ever give up milk in my coffee but I said that about sugar years ago so I'm not sure why I thought that! Definitely worth giving a go if you haven’t already. I have also noticed how easy, especially wheat can creep into our diet's especially if you're not super organised and need to eat on the run, it's everywhere and so we end up just grabbing a quick salad wrap, for example. I'm really enjoying the change, it's a challenge especially for me giving up that glass of wine with dinner but worth it, and really it's only 21 days so only 18 days to go! Yours in health, Maria X

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