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We are Moving!

Hi everyone If you have read our recent newsletter, you will know Higher health has undergone some major changes recently - we have moved from our Norwood parade location to Mile End. We spent 3.5 years in Norwood and it was an amazing place to show up for work, I loved the energy there and it was a beautiful space. It worked very well for all the services we provide and we will miss it, however the only certain thing in life is change so due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to find a new location. I am excited to inform you our new physical location is at Mile End. The corner of London Road and Railway tce. In a beautiful old office space and again upstairs. Hence "Higher Health" lol - For now You'll have to work with us virtually as we are in the process of renovations. The place is perfect for all the health education and services we provided before being Nutrition and health coaching, infrared saunas, cooking classes , Health seminars, beauty therapy, facials, etc. We were very sad to not have a few of the amazing practitioner's joining us as they needed to stay in the Norwood area - For Pilates the lovely Cyriaque and Angela are still in Norwood and you can find them at their new and beautiful studio at or phone Angela on 0415674707. Keep an eye out for Pilates updates as it may continue at the new Higher health venue as well in the future. Massage will continue at Higher Health - Tobias Kelly from Advanced holistic remedies is now working out of a few clinics and we hope to have him continue on at Higher Health once renovations are finished until then you can contact Tobias on 0413325277 or We do not have an official opening date but I will keep you posted and may even get some renovation photos up - just letting you know I am very excited and think this new location is going to be amazing. Watch this space! Yours in health, Maria Lucey, Nutritionist and Health coach

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