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6 steps to rebuild your gut health - step 6 - ♥ your Liver

In every gut health program we must talk about the liver, you can get started straight away on "liver health" if you like because simply by having gut health issues you are making the liver work harder and doubly so if you overindulge in the good life to often.

A picture speaks a thousand words , picture your daily routine are you having lemon water first thing in the morning, a green super food powder (green Qi) each day, 12- 14 green vegetables every day? Have you done enough to support your liver today or have you started the day off with a coffee, the cereal killer, example- wheat bix or white toast with vegemite for lunch something refined and quick ? at dinner 2 many wines? You need Liver Health!!!

To improve any gut health condition we must support liver function which will improve the detoxification process especially phase 2 pathway. This is because increased gut permeability will result in an inflammatory cascade in various tissues and increase the toxic load on the liver. ouch!!! this is not ideal.

Depending on the individual's ability to detoxify leaky gut metabolites is to the symptoms that will arise ranging from neurological, endocrine, and metabolic. Some to look out for if your liver is struggling, which it will be if you have gut health problems is mood changes, irritable bowel, bloating, memory lapses, cancer, low energy, low immune, arthritis, malnutrition.

Toxicity is a result of an over loaded liver so for step 6 we are going to love our liver and add Modere liver health to our regime this is an amazing product with 6 key ingredients useful for liver detoxification phase 1 and 2.

This product and its combination of ingredients may also be useful for fatty liver, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, abnormal liver counts, jaundice etc.

liver detoxification according to the 2 phases:

Phase 1- the first step of detoxification requires enzymes to alter the toxins and make them more water soluble, by increasing the toxins water solubility it improves excretion, however during this enzymatic process some chemicals become more reactive and create free radicals which can damage our cells causing oxidative damage and need antioxidants like Beta Carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E others are glutathione, B vitamins, folic acid, and selenium to quench the free radical damage. We need our liver working well so these toxins can get out of the body not remain trapped and end up re-circulating in our blood stream in an even more harmful form.

Phase 2- This step reduces the toxic molecule to a less toxic form. Sulphur is required for this step - i.e. foods such as Broccoli, Cabbage and Brussel sprouts are important, Toxins will hopefully now be in a form that they can be excreted safely via the bowels and urine.

Benefits of " Liver health" Ingredients are amazing and wonderful!!!

1. St Mary's thistle- supports phase 2 detoxification, promotes liver regeneration and detoxification if taken regularly, its antioxidant action decreases the risk of liver cell damage caused by free radicals or harmful chemicals, stimulates liver and gallbladder activity, mild laxative, may support hepatitis, liver disease, jaundice, liver cirrhosis

2. Dandelion- stimulates a sluggish liver, very mild laxative, stimulates kidney function, promotes bile, helps with mild indigestion, gallstones, anorexia, flatulence

3. Broccoli- liver detoxification and antioxidant, Broccoli contains the highest level of sulforaphane which is considered one of the most powerful stimulators of phase 2 enzyme activity.

4. r,s-Alpha Lipoic acid - protects the liver from toxins, it is a fat and water soluble anti-oxidant, supports liver detoxification, regenerates other anti-oxidants like vitamin E and C and glutathione, it is produced in our body, normalizes blood sugar levels, reduces insulin resistance, aids in diabetic neuropathy, stimulates the immune system and aids with chelation of heavy metals.

5. Beta carotene - antioxidant required to quench free radical damage, supports immune system

6. vitamin C- Antioxidant, immune stimulant, aids in the healing process, anti-aging and much, much more

7. Vitamin E- Natural Vitamin E is considered the most important fat- soluble antioxidant present in human tissue, it acts to stabilize and protect against oxidative damage caused by free radicals, environmental toxins and heavy metals

You can Support the liver with supplementation!!!

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