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Anxiety and your hormones:

I want to take a look at anxiety and why so many women suffer with this mental health issue. In my experience, it can often come down to hormonal imbalance and as such can be treatable with food and supplements.

Physically, it all comes back to our hormones – specifically the stress hormone cortisol. How our body manages cortisol is reflected in how we deal with stress. Several lifestyle factors impact your body’s regulation and production of cortisol: 1) Bouncing blood sugar – when your blood sugar is soaring and crashing this is a perceived as a stressor by your adrenal glands, which produce cortisol. Erratic blood sugar can come from not eating enough; taking in too much sugar, alcohol and coffee; carbo-loading; and not getting adequate sleep. 2) Vitamin and mineral deficiencies – your intake of B vitamins, magnesium and omega 3 fatty acids is vital for maintaining the calm. These vitamins and minerals prevent the hyper-production of cortisol by your adrenals. Excess cortisol from stress depletes your body’s stores making it super important to get proper nourishment during difficult times. 3) Poor gut health – very commonly used medications like birth control pills and antibiotics disrupt your gut microbiome (as well as make you deficient in B vitamins). Every week there’s more research on the gut-mental health connection. A set of gut bacteria, more specifically bacterial genes, called the estrobolome, produce an essential enzyme that helps metabolize estrogen. Your gut is part of the elimination system that is vital in ushering hormones out of the body. This process, when working efficiently, plays an essential role in hormonal balance. I'm here to help and support you and am available for Health talks, Healthy cooking classes, Nutrition consults at Higher Health or via phone , please download my free Ebook " Your guide to green smoothies for gut health" off of my Facebook signup button or my website Yours in health, Maria Lucey, Nutritionist and Health coach

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