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Weight loss testimony

Weight loss testimony from my dear friend and Modere colleague ♥ Thanks Jackie I have wanted to talk about weight loss with you all for a while so I thought what better way than to share a testimony from Jackie Moult as I think it will be of interest to those of you wanting to easily shed a few kilo's: Jackie's weight loss testimony: "I recently had the experience of measuring myself for a new work uniform. I had increased in size. I did some research re -Weight Loss and realized that I had a program at my fingertips namely the Modere Weight Loss program. It has now been 3 months and I have regained my former shape and reduced my risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. It is well documented that obesity increases our chances of these life-threatening diseases. My strategies that I have used to accomplished my health goal. My breakfast 10 ml Modere natural mineral drink 1 scoop Modere Green Qi 1 heaped scoop Modere protein powder 70 mixed berries (Organic) where possible 1 tablespoon LSA mix 2 ice cubes 250mls water. Blend in blender. May add more water if necessary. Enjoy. I have lost 5kg in 3 months. Modere natural mineral drink contains a multitude of minerals to assist healthy bodily functions and support modern lifestyles. Simple and effective way to include plant derived phytonutrients in the diet. Chocolate Shake Pea Protein: Suitable for use in the Modere Weight Management program as well as part of a healthy, balanced diet, Chocolate Shake Pea Protein will assist in preserving lean muscle mass while supporting your diet or exercise program. I have been drinking 2 liters of filtered water daily Ensuring I walk 10000 steps daily. Lunch: a salad with 5 different colour veggies and protein the size of the palm of hand. Dinner: delicious home made meals and reducing my carbs by having sweet potato, cauliflower rice or zucchini noodles. I have chosen to omit wheat. I have 2 snacks a day, a piece of fruit each snack and 10 nuts What I have noted; Increased energy, sleeping better, happier, flat stomach, no bloating after meals, and more emotionally balanced. I hope this testimony helps you all see just how easy weight loss with Modere is. If you would like full support just sing out, we also have a full Detox- weight management Program that is absolutely amazing to do this time of year. Great Job Jackie and thanks for sharing x Yours in health, Maria Lucey, Nutritionist and Health coach 0438 112 050

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