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Radically improve your energy

10 changes to Radically Improve YOUR Energy Levels

There’s nothing worse than suffering from a bout of low energy and lethargy. When your energy is low every day is a struggle which will undoubtedly affect the quality of your life, work and your relationships with those around you.

Now today's life tends to be out of balance and I know you’re probably working to hard, and life is busy but I’ve got an exciting truth for you; it’s not normal to wake up every day feeling tired or terrible or both.

Here are 10 changes you can make to your day which could help your energy levels improve and overtime as you integrate them into your life you will start to improve the quality of your daily life; lets start today!

1) Get a good night’s sleep, why not try what I do. I have a chamomile tea double bag 1 hour before bed.

It’s a common perception that 5-6 hours sleep (often broken for those of you with younger kids) is enough… it’s not.

It’s true that everyone’s different and some people need more sleep than others; it’s also true that when you’re not getting enough rest, you learn to cope. But, over time, this lack of sleep builds up and leaves your body feeling permanently drained. When you’re asleep, your body uses that time to heal, repair and regenerate which leads to your body functioning better, which makes a noticeable difference to your energy.

I receive a benefit in the quality of my sleep by using these 3 products

  1. Stress health - 3 tabs a day

  2. Sleep - essential oil - I mix 10 drops to a bit of our Modere hand and body lotion as its non scented I rub on my temples and chest, great to do for children

  3. Balancing cream - I love love love this product and it is always in my bag, I use it to balance my hormones, help me with stress, as a perfume and I rub it on the bottom of my feet a 1/2 hour before bed or if I wake I rub it on then, I am so impressed with how it helps with my sleep and the blend of essential oils smells so beautiful!!!

There's much more you can address as well like minerals , D3, and probiotic

2) Learn to relax - again I would use stress health, de- dress, balance cream and essential oil de-stress

Apart from sleeping, it’s important that you learn how to relax during your waking hours too. We live in a 24/7 culture, and most people have access to work emails, and the rest of the outside world, on their phone which means they never fully switch off. And that’s an energy zapper right there! Allocate a specific time each day dedicated to quietening your mind. Watch a movie, meditate, read a book, do some Yoga or just hang out with your family. These are all activities which don’t take much brain power and contribute to a more relaxed you.

3) Move your body - a light walk with the family or dog after dinner is a great start !!!

If it feels like the thought of exercise will make you even more tired, that’s probably the time you need it the most! We are designed to move our bodies lots.

Exercise is the key to the door as far as energy levels are concerned, so it’s important that you move at least once a day within your bodies capabilities. Whether this is a gym session, a swim in the ocean, a yoga session or a walk around the block; movement increases energy! It improves blood flow; it increases the production of energy-releasing hormones and it improves your metabolism. All of which will leave you feeling more energised. Another awesome benefit is its ability to help relieve stress.

4) Ditch the sugar

When you’re struggling through the afternoon, it can be tempting to reach for the sugary doughnut or biscuit to get you through. Avoid!! While this will keep you going for a few minutes; it’s a short-term pick-me-up and a guarantee that your body will come crashing down at a great rate of knots. Fill your body with natural, whole food ingredients to maintain more natural energy levels. The combo of 4 things helps me reduce sugar cravings . 1. Staying super alkaline with green Qi 2. adding colloidal minerals to your diet plus 3. essential fatty acids and 4 our Drop

5) Eat a balanced diet

You need protein, you need fibre, you need calcium, you need carbohydrates (depending on your activity levels), you need good fats; your body needs all of this, and more, for FUEL!

Correct again – everyone is different, but if you’re not eating a balanced diet filled with vegetables and whole foods, there could be a glaring gap in your nutritional intake which is making you tired. Keep a food diary and ask a nutritionist such as myself to take a look to make sure you’re not missing anything obvious in your diet.

6) Have a hair analysis or blood test

6) Have a hair analysis or blood tested to ascertain your specific nutrient deficiencies and use whole food supplements and your diet to balance your deficiencies, I recommend you work with someone here as taking nutrients in isolation isn't ideal and can throw the balance in the body.

When your body becomes deficient in one or more essential nutrients, it can become tired, sluggish and no longer functions at its best. Lack of energy is a key symptom of many nutritional deficiencies which aren’t related to your diet. Please contact me if you would like further information on this.

7) Take a nap

Sometimes you need to listen to your body. If you’ve been feeling tired for a while, you could be coming down with a bug or virus which is making it hard to function. In this instance the only thing to do is respond to what your body is asking and, if it’s convenient; take a nap.

While this might be difficult to squeeze into your work day; it might just be all you need to feel better!

8) Eat regular healthy meals

Even if your diet is balanced, if you’re not eating at the right times of the day this will effect your blood sugar levels and you will feel the adverse effects

Missing breakfast, leaving too much time between meals or eating meals that are heavy in processed carbohydrates will leave your body lethargic and sluggish. Eat nourishing whole foods incorporating protein, fat and healthy carbs to give your body a constant stream of the energy it needs.

9) Reduce stress

Stress puts pressure on every area of your body, and the effects are both mentally and physically exhausting! There isn’t always an immediate solution to remove the cause of stress, but there are ways you can manage your responses to stress. I utilise walking in nature and the same combination for sleep Also addresses stress - see sleep above

10) Drink more water

Dehydration can leave your body feeling fatigued and drained. While 2-3 litres of water a day is recommended as a healthy intake, everyone is different. You can tell if you have enough water in your body when you don’t feel thirsty and your urine is clear in colour.

If you feel you could use a hand and want your own person program to start implementing these awesome changes please contact me.

Yours in health,

Maria Lucey, Nutritionist and Health coach 0438 112 050

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