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I'm not going to beg you to take supplements. But, I am going to tell you the reasons why you&#3

I can honestly say that utilizing Whole food nutritional supplementation is the #1 thing that has supported me in getting my health and energy back!!! There are 2 Main reasons that the average person needs to include vitamin supplements into their diet today. #1 Crap soils - from over farming and only using NPK to re-mineralise their soils NPK- nitrogen 👎, phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), that's only 3 minerals , we need 60 a day, every day to reach our nutrient requirements and the average human today unless they are eating a mostly organic plant-based diet with huge variety and taking a plant based colloidal mineral supplement, I dare say are just not getting enough nutrition, I believe they would be lucky to be getting about 7 to 10 minerals out of their food. Minerals are the spark of life so we need to be getting them every day. #2 Chemical sprays on crops- Poison on our food. The combination of these two things Equal's nutrient deficient, highly toxic food. Nutrient deficient food equals Nutrient deficient you, Nutrient deficient you always leads to a symptom, yes your symptoms are trying to tell you something, first it starts with low energy, then you get sick a lot, then you actually get a proper diagnosis like depression or adrenal fatigue or thyroid problem maybe it's IBS but if your having a symptom you are having a nutrient deficiency. 2 more reasons you must supplement your diet if your breathing today on this planet are that you are: 1. not eating organic 2. you do not have enough variety in your diet - In my Nutrition course (Dean Armytage taught us you have to have massive variety in your diet to achieve your daily nutritional goals - 15 to 16 different colours fruits and veggies a day is what it will take to achieve your nutritional requirements. That's what I call My "555 Diet" and I am writing another cook book for you, an E-book all about it so if you would like a copy, contact me and when it's ready which will be soon, I will flick you a link. Doing the 555 diet is a great way to achieve your 90 Nutrients - EAT 5 organically grown veggies at Breakfast, 5 Organically veggies at lunch, and 5 organically veggies at Dinner, remember Organic because the other food is deficient and You need approximately 90 nutrients a day, 13 vitamins, 60 minerals, your essential fats, carbs and proteins and antioxidants, etc. If you are not doing this do not stress you can top up with Modere whole food supplementation and I'll work with you to teach you. Just saying - you are crazy if you think you're getting all you need Nutritionally from your diet alone and I mean it. That philosophy of I get everything I need from my diet has been blown out the window, it just doesn't fly anymore and it's just not true. I believe that not to supplement with high quality, organic, plant-based, whole food nutritional supplements in today's world is putting your health at risk unnecessarily. I've used the Modere range of Nutritional supplements for 13 to 14 years now to get and keep myself and the fam healthy and man o man is it working, loving my energy, vitality and the spring in my step cause I'm not only eating organic, so reducing the toxins and Improving the nutritional content in my daily diet, which I am so psyched about and actually took me years to implement due to the cost and availability but I have done it now and it is awesome, but I also make sure I get my 90 nutrients through topping up my days nutrition with supplements on most days, And If we have a bad diet day it is even more important to add these supplements. Did you know? the average Tomato 50 years ago had approximately 1,938 parts per million of Iron in 1 tomatoes, compared to today's store-bought tomatoes having only 1 part per million of Iron. what the? that's nearly 2000 tomatoes you need to eat today to get the same Iron out of 1 tomato when grandma was a girl. See what I'm talking about and that is only 1 mineral remember we need about 60 a day. To get started with a nutrition pack or any supplements, feel free to contact me anytime - Facebook message, email or on 0438 112 050 as I would love to help out where I can. We can reclaim your health together and trust me, it’s not that hard to do! Have a great weekend everyone. Yours in health, Maria, Nutritionist

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