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Mom on a Mission

Empowering Mom's, Women and Grandma's

Together we are stronger

If we want healthy Children and for our future generations not to be riddled with diseases, cancer and taking anti depressants or if you just want to clear up the confusion around health, please attend this event, there is so much we can learn which we can easily start integrating into our lives for our own and our children's health. for its the cause not the symptom of all disease that we must fight.

Mom's today desperately need to hear the information being presented.

Maria has a story that needs to be told, her first child was born at 25 weeks and suffered through many surgeries resulting in lost bowel.

terribly after Drew's last surgery the only outcome from his Gastro- intestinal surgeon was a to give him a permanent bag. This for a young Parents was terrifying and had to be avoided at all costs for Drew was only 4 years old.

Maria went on a Mission to find out how to help Drew Naturally without surgery

Her and her Husband and Drew's Surgeon decided that Nutrition was going to be the main thing to help Drew heal and recover, she had to understand and not just rely on Doctors and other specialists anymore, so she started a diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics and she works now as a Nutritionist...

she found her answers and now shares them mostly with Mom's but this info applies to us all.

Maria shares strategies which she used to help Drew prevent having surgery and you can use them in your life no matter what your health concern, they will help you to improve your health, and live a Healthier, productive and satisfying life.

Maria teaches Mom's how to lead from the front for their children's health and to do this as a young Mom and for all Parent's the answer is to become super healthy themselves.

"The Greatest gift you can give your children is you're good health." M.L.

Maria herself through this ongoing Health crisis with her son became chronically tired and her GP also prescribed her with circumstantial depression and prescribe her anti- depressants. Instead of taking the prescription Maria started applying all the same principles she was being taught from Her local Naturopaths, Chiropractors and her own study for Drew on herself and completely reversed all of her own symptoms overtime as well.

Please attend, bring a friend and find out what she started doing to improve her health at the same time as she was improving her son's.

Drew is 20 yrs old now and still does not have a permanent bag and is Healthy.

Maria is now a Nutritionist and owner of Higher Health wellness Centre in Adelaide, Australia, she is visiting Simpsonville, S.C. Regularly from her home in Australia to see her family.

Health Topics covered

The ‘IBC's of disease (Immune system, Cancer, Bowel Disease)

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